On Baghdad by the Bay, February 14th, 8pm PST; Guest DJ All My Pretty Ones, Interview with DSTVV and Future Twin

13 02 2013

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All My Pretty Ones
The acoustic instrumentation and vocal harmonies of San Francisco based ensemble All My Pretty Ones invoke all the familiarity and comfort of the best classic folk and indie artists, but it’s the band’s extraordinarily innovative approach to songwriting and arranging that set them apart from other americana-inspired musical groups. All My Pretty Ones represents a collaborative engine fueled by songwriter Derek Schmidt, whose work draws as much from classical composition, musical theatre and contemporary poetry as it does from 60’s folk music and current independent artists.

“Industrial grungegaze” trio DSTVV is the arch creation of Joel Cusumano (formerly of Baby Talk), ex-’90s teen model and creator of the bizarro Tumblr-famous blog BLAMEASPARTAME. Done with playing in scruffy, over-earnest Bay Area garage rock bands, he engineered DSTVV as a musical approximation of the bad-vector-art and ’90s-obsessed teen culture that currently permeates some of the weirder parts of alt-culture. DSTVV (the initialism’s meaning is yet undisclosed) nixes an IRL drummer in place of blown-out Apple Logic-programmed beats, and the gentile strum of Joel’s Fender Strat’s melts with Corgan-esque Big Muffs and chorus pedals. He then hooked up with synth player Gloria Pérez-Villela, with whom he’d been swapping old synth-pop files online, and bassist Stephen Howard (ex-Burger Kingdom) to fill out the lineup.

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Future Twin
Future Twin was originally brought together by the first all girl moped gang in San Francisco, The Lockits. They became fast friends and were soon waxing synth songs, huffing gasoline and making shred tents. Now consisting of Jean Jeanie (gtr/vox/field recordings), Antonio Roman-Alcala (drums), Jo Bleak (rhythm & bass), and Dan DK (synths & bass), their music juxtaposes a tangible beauty with an honest grit that can only come from a band birthed and breathing in San Francisco’s Mission District. The band has announced the dual release date of July 31st for the new Resist 7″ as well as Future Twin Deluxe Edition, a limited edition cd release combining the new 7″ along with the 5-song EP/cassette Situation. The single “Situation” is available for free download, and the video for “Landslide” was premiered by Impose recently. The band will be playing San Francisco this summer, and will also be hitting Brooklyn, NY for a pair of shows as well.
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On Baghdad by the Bay, December 20th at 8pm PDT; Interview with Scissors for Lefty and Churches

19 12 2012

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SFL - Winter 2012
Scissors for Lefty
Scissors For Lefty is a San Francisco Band with a sophisticated pop style combining elements of Indie, Yesteryear, & Dirty Glam. They are about as playful as an arty pop band can get: melodies in between melodies, jangly guitar, glittery keyboard, of Montreal-esque bass, galloping propulsion from a 6 foot 10 drummer, all fronted by heavy-breathing tales of romance and counter-culture glow. The group clearly sounds like they are enjoying themselves. Cute, sexy, and a little

When EMA asks the question ‘what’s it like to be small-town and gay?’ in her unhinged anthem ‘California’, Caleb Nichols has an answer: It was brutal, it was beautiful, and well worth singing about. Nichols, along with Bay Area music scene vets Pat Spurgeon and Dominic East, explores the heartache and wonder of small-town teenage alienation in his new Bay-Area based outfit, CHURCHES. CHURCHES is salvation through distortion for the disaffected small-town weirdo in everyone – a sonic cathedral of cymbals and guitars for the modern outcast. Download the free, self-titled debut ep and find out what all the noise is about.

On Baghdad by the Bay, July 12th at 8PM PDT; Interview with Dogcatcher and Wave Array

12 07 2012

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There’s something magical that happens when four musicians come together from four completely different backgrounds. For Mountain View’s Dogcatcher, the result is a mellow, subtly-intense blend of soul, jazz, folk and indie-rock. Their first album, KILR, was a quiet folk-oriented solo album Heine wrote while living in San Diego and digesting the Iraq War he’d recently returned from. After KILR, Heine returned to his hometown, Mountain View, and formed a proper group, plucking musicians out of totally different bands to create an eclectic, genre-defying sound. On Dogcatcher’s second album, It’s Easy, the four members demonstrate that they have truly come into their own. Heine’s soft, hushed voice and simple-stated lyrics compliment the easy, hip-shaking nature of the music. But for listeners looking for lyrics with depth, Heine will not disappoint. Rather than aim for overt expressions of emotion, Heine always goes for the understated, which makes the emotionality behind the music that much more powerful with repeat listens.

Wave Array
Wave Array is a four-piece rock band hailing from the East Bay/San Francisco, CA that is stretching the limits of alternative/indie rock into the psychedelic and experimental realms. Using vibrant guitar and bass work, driving rhythms, and palpable melodies, the quartet aims to resonate frequencies of human emotion and thought buried beneath the preoccupation of everyday life. Wave Array’s eclectic compositions of melodic vamps and hard hitting jams have already sparked the interest of the Bay Area music community as well as local and nation-wide radio. Their self-produced debut album, Cheapjack Moon, is available on iTunes and Amazon.