On Baghdad by the Bay, May 30th at 8pm PDT; Interview with Fox and Woman, Doe Eye and DATE NITE

29 05 2013

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Fox and Woman
Fox & Woman formed in 2010 when Jess Silva (vocals), Andrew Nelson (guitar, keys), and Emily Haltom (vocals, violin, keys) started playing at a weekly street poetry gathering in San Francisco’s Mission District. As an acoustic trio, they rehearsed and wrote songs in the basement of a local antiques store, discovering a shared desire to stretch pop song forms to accommodate unconventional rhythms and harmonies. For their debut, self-titled EP, released in 2011, they added three other Bay Area musicians, including Will Boast (drums), and documented a sound bridging west coast folk and a baroque strain of indie-pop.

Doe Eye
The summer before her first semester at the Berklee College of Music, San Francisco singer/songwriter DOE EYE (real name Maryam Qudus) stepped into the studio for the first time to created a 4-song demo to network to the new teachers and colleagues she would meet at Berklee. DOE EYE jumped into the studio to record her sophomore EP entitled ‘Hotel Fire’ with acclaimed producer John Vanderslice (Nada Surf, Mates of State, MK Ultra) and featuring the Magik*Magik Orchestra (Death Cab for Cutie, Jonny Greenwood). Hotel Fire was released on September 4, 2012 and is currently available at all streaming music services as well as iTunes and Bandcamp. DOE EYE is currently working on her debut full length album with John Vanderslice.

Date Nite’s formation came to fruition when three like-minded spirits, Jason, Annie and Candy converged during an annual NASA Jet Propulsion conference on ‘Robotic Exploration of the Solar System.’ Realizing they had a shared love for science and beats, they assembled a musical collective dedicated to dynamic ass shaking. Calling San Francisco their home and nirvana their vacation home, they call upon their scifi-paganistic background for inspiration. Date Nite is a convergence of art, music and boot knocking. In their spare time, the team concocts various recipes and libations; most notably their drink called “Moonmilk” (moonshine and Milk of Magnesia).

On Baghdad by the Bay, Thursday 23rd at 8PM PDT; Guest DJ City of Women, Interview with Life Coach and Legs

22 05 2013

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City of Women
Circa 2007…Nero and Alwyn, whose respective bands barbarasteele and Boshuda shared many a bill in San Francisco venues, were band-less, and talked about finally putting something together…but just “for fun”, as the sting from the demises of their previous bands was still fresh. Around the same time, Charlie, after doing a year at the Los Angeles Music Academy and giving a good run with the local music scene, ran from Los Angeles and ended up in San Francisco. He met Nero while working at Amoeba Music, and in time joined Alwyn and Nero in a band “just for fun”.

Life Coach
Life Coach is a collaboration. Following Phil Manley’s 2011 solo debut Life Coach, which Aquarius Records called, “a serious, and seriously kick ass slab of modern minimal krautrock,” Manley set about writing a set of songs that he could perform live. After writing and tracking guitar, bass, synth, and vocals on his own, he recruited his friend and former Golden band mate Jon Theodore (The Mars Volta, One Day As A Lion), with whom Manley has been playing music for two decades, as the drummer and second official member of Life Coach. The complimentary kinship between Manley’s tightly constructed songs and Theodore’s unrestrained playing was instant. Rounded out by the addition of Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless, Golden Void), who contributes lead guitar on several songs, Life Coach was born as an entity unto itself.

Named after their fathers’ mutual love for Tina Turner, Oakland, CA-based Jeffrey Harland and New Zealand native Matt Bullimore began Legs in a cold, concrete practice space in West Oakland, California. The pair originally met while exchanging Weezer bootlegs in a Safeway parking lot in early 2000. Matt would go on to teach Jeffrey his first power chord sealing their friendship and status as best-buds. Early get-togethers were dominated by heated arguments over the Beatles versus The Stones, ending only after the discovery of their mutual love of the Kinks and Velvet Underground.

On Baghdad by the Bay, May 16th at 8PM PDT; Interview with Brian Kehoe and The Tunnel

15 05 2013

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Brian Kehoe
Greetings from The Kehoe Nation. A place where the twang and shuffle of Country Western, the bizarre whimsy of carnival polkas, and outright twisted sonic explosions of punk and metal fuse together to create a misshapen and exotic family of good-time songs that strangely and completely satisfy parts of the human psyche that don’t always admit to wanting to be satisfied. The guiding hand stirring this cauldron of Punk-Metal-Americana is guitarist Bryan Kehoe, who has been lending his ferocious guitar wizardry to groups such as The Jerry Cantrell Band (Alice In Chains), Ministry, Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade (Primus), and Northern California legends M.I.R.V. Joining Mr. Kehoe on this musical vision is Amir Zitro on Stand-Up King Bass ang Jeff Gomes (M.I.R.V.) on Drums.
Come to the show, it’s gonna be loud, just follow the stale peanut shells and smell of rot-gut rye.

Tunnel Apparition stage
The Tunnel
The protagonists of the lurid stories of Tunnel vocalist/ guitarist Jeff Wagner may be grifters, but nihilists they are not. Riding possessed upon the feral, hypnotic rhythms of bassist/ noisemaker Sam Black and drummer Craig Manrique, Wagner’s anti-heroes grasp at transcendence and howl in ecstasy.

On Baghdad by the Bay, May 9th at 8PM PDT; Interview with Blame Sally, Manatee and Black Jeans

9 05 2013

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Blame Sally
Blame Sally
If you sense a slight incongruity in the title of Blame Sally’s Speeding Ticket and a Valentine, rest assured that it’s as purposeful as the life it describes is random. The album lifts its name from a line in the bridge of the hard- charging leadoff single, “Living Without You,” which describes a day, or maybe entire existence,that’s “sweet and sour at the sametime/mink and a porcupine/speeding ticket and a valentine.” Clearly, this is a band that knows its oxymorons.

The four women who make up the Bay area- based group have some experience with improbable complexities and contradictions. Almost everything about their history is contrary to conventional wisdom. For one thing, they put their individual careers aside to start Blame Sally when they were in their late 30s and 40s—the age at which bands are traditionally supposed to break up and begin solo careers. For another, this is obviously an all-woman band—“girl groups”
usually being the novel province of youthful upstarts, not mature singer/songwriters.

Oakland’s mysterious Manatee are a fiery 4-piece who chart a fine line between the melodic aggression of mid-80s hardcore/punk and more contemplative rocking pop. The project dates back to 2006, beginning as the duo of Nik Carlson on bass and Black Tambourine/Whorl/Crabapples alumnus Mike Schulman on guitars and drums. Mainly a vehicle for beer-fueled weekly noise fests, Manatee did start accruing a catalog of tunes that were influenced by Flying Nun bands, ’77 punk and psychedelic freeform noise.

Black Jeans
Black Jeans is a music and artistic project created by new media artist Russell Butler. After completing a BFA in Performance and Sound Art and an MAT in Art Education at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Russell moved to California’s Bay Area to begin his professional arts practice. While navigating America’s complex and imbalanced immigration system, Russell was able to secure a position in the Exhibits department at San Francisco’s premiere interactive children’s museum, the Children’s Creativity Museum.

On Baghdad by the Bay, May 2nd at 8pm PDT; Interview Buckeye Knoll and Ash Thursday

1 05 2013

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BK Promo 1 Med
Buckeye Knoll
Lovecreek, the new LP from Bay Areamericana darlings Buckeye Knoll, was recorded in a log cabin high in the Sierra Mountains. Indisputably, the group chose the most appropriate environment for Doug Streblow’s thoughtful collection of songs about adventure, solitude and discovery of oneself in the natural world. With help from producer and engineer Cian Riordan, and contemporary music giant Eric Valentine, Buckeye Knoll delivers their strongest and most textural collection to date. Lovecreek inspires listeners to pack up the car and head for the mountains to make some discoveries of their own.

Ash Thursday
Ash Thursday is a SF-based female-fronted band–they play rock music with pop sensibility; their songs are deep and dynamic, yet catchy and melodic. Their music contains abundant hooks and harmonies, and often anthemic choruses.

The band has hit the ground running in 2013 with the release of their EP “The Strength to Come Apart”, a music video for their song “This Heart” and various performances throughout the Bay Area. Soon to follow are the recording of another EP and a west coast tour.

On Baghdad by the Bay, April 25th, 8pm PDT; Interview with Victory and Assoc

23 04 2013

Listen live this Thursday at 8pm PDT on Radio Valencia

Victory and Assoc
Victory and Associates write rock anthems that you didn’t know you needed. punk rock passion, post punk sass, big riffs, etc. Take the parts of huge classic rock you may actually WANT to turn up, mix it with the parts of indie rock that ROCK, get it moving with driving, energetic force and you are on the trail to victory… and associates. This is for real, this is for serious. Victory and Associates have been around the block, know their way around a good song and endeavor to deliver something exciting to both musician and non-musician alike. These things are FACTS.


On Bagdad by the Bay, April 18th, 8pm PDT; Interview with Buffalo Tooth and, Once and Future Band

18 04 2013

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Buffalo Tooth
Formed in the mouth of a buffalo and headed to a mouth near you. Often described as a mix between Blue Cheer and Black Flag, Buffalo Tooth are a fusion of all the music deemed badass. Featuring members of Glitter Wizard and the defunct Poor Sons, Buffalo Tooth are a three-piece assault that makes chicks horny and dudes jealous at the amount of manhood the band possesses. Their songs are crafted to invade your ear canal, have it’s way with your ear drum and leave you begging for more. Rarely hitting the 3 minute mark leaves little room for bullshit and fluff and just enough time for shredding licks, booming vocal harmonies and crushing drums. Buffalo Tooth self-released their debut 7 Inch in 2012 and were quickly picked up by Under the Gun Records and Captcha Records. Their debut full length LP will be released later this year.

Once and Future Band

On Baghdad by the Bay, Thursday, April 4th, 8PM PDT; Guest DJ Vandella and Interview with Sunbeam Rd

3 04 2013

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Vandella draws their music from Motown, classic rock, Southern rock, folk-rock, blues, and modern-day sounds of indie pop/rock. It’s like if Ryan Adams was backed by The Band, or Jenny Lewis took over for Jay Farrah and Jeff Tweedy in Uncle Tupelo. It’s 1970s rock via 1990. Hailing from San Francisco, their music takes listeners from the gulches of swampy, guitar-driven rock and the dusty twang of Americana to the amber honey of roots ‘n soul. In their three years together, the tight-knit group has come a long way with old-fashioned hard work and hustle: the 2009 release of their initial offering, the V EP, saw the band move 2,000 copies without distribution or label representation, earning them bills at San Francisco staples such as Great American Music Hall, Bottom of the Hill, Rickshaw Stop, and Café du Nord, to name a few. Two West Coast tours and spots on coveted bills and festivals with nationally-touring acts followed. In May 2012, they self-released their debut full-length album, Fire in the Desert. Mixed and mastered at Marcata Studios in New York by Kevin McMahon (whose past discography includes The Walkmen, Ha Ha Tonka, The Felice Brothers, and Swans), Fire in the Desert showcases the rich lyrical landscape, convivial songs, and solid musicianship that has endeared them to their fans.

Sunbeam Rd
Sunbeam Rd., a Bay Area four piece, craft a tense and expansive sound via psychedelic guitars, purposeful melodies, and restraint. Willing to fall apart completely exploring the margins of harmonic rock, their live shows can toe the edge of cacophony. At their best they reach into hook-laden, fuzz-saturated trance states.

On Baghdad by the Bay, March 28th at 8PM PDT; Guest DJ Dear Indugu and Interview with Jane Woodman

27 03 2013

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on steps
Dear Indugu
Dear Indugu is an acoustic/electric indie-rock band from Oakland, California noted for powerful instrumentation, potent lyrics, and rich vocal harmony. What began as the solo project of singer-songwriter Jesse Strickman, grew into a permanent four-piece, with an occasional live horn section and guest vocalists. The name, Dear Indugu, is inspired by the film ‘About Schmidt’ and is a metaphor for the communication of one’s innermost feelings to complete strangers.

The group performs regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area and has toured California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Washington playing everywhere from coffee shops to outdoor amphitheaters. They have opened for national and world acts, such as Damien Jurado, Cake, Jay Brannan and more. After touring with demos for years they released their debut studio EP in June of 2012.

Dear Indugu’s music ranges from intimate folk solo songs to driving full band indie rock. With thoughtful lyrics, strong dynamics, and a firm commitment to originality and musicianship, the Bay Area based band delivers a unique and powerful sound.

Jane Woodman
Somewhere between the Twilight Zone and Gotham City lies the spellbinding sound and vision of DIY artist Jane Woodman. Her songs are woven with dream-inducing guitars, dark secret vocals, and an industrial rhythm bed that covers you with subliminal layers of shoegaze, goth, post-punk, and darkwave. Alive with lush textures that wrap you with bittersweet and stimulating soundscapes, her live show has been rumoured to create an out-of-body experience.

Jane is charting in several places, and currently finishing up her first full length solo album, Teenage Red, with a little mixing help from comrade Monte Vallier (The Soft Moon, Weekend), to be released early 2013. Recent collaborations with Zoë Keating and an Ummagma remix are receiving respectable airplay, and high praise in the press.

On Baghdad by the Bay, March 21st at 8PM PDT; Interview with Love Dimension and Will Sprott

20 03 2013

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Love Dimension
The Love Dimension is a psychedelic garage punk country surf band from San Francisco whose influences stem from an eclectic mix of music’s past and future. Originally from the lost city of Atlantis, the band has prevailed through multiple reincarnations. In 2008, they returned to the Bay Area to create sonic architecture for the benefit of sentient beings across the multiverse.

Will Sprott
Will Sprott is a song & dance man originally from San Jose, California. From 2005-2011 he toured & released music under the name the Mumlers—a ramshackle crew of friends of which he was the only constant member. In 2012 he began performing more often under his own name, sometimes by himself, sometimes with accompaniment. His musical travels have led him on zigzagging trails around the continent appearing everywhere from the Warfield in San Francisco to the Bowery Ballroom in New York City & lots of towns in between, sharing stages with many luminaries of the musical underworld along the way. He is currently recording a new record.