On the last Baghdad by the Bay, August 29th at 8pm; Interview with Steel Cranes and The Couches; Guest DJ: 20-Sided Records.

28 08 2013

Steel Cranes
Steel Cranes had a serendipitous birth in January of 2012 when Tracy Shapiro served up some mac & cheese and a beer to Amanda Schukle, who had just ducked into her neighborhood joint for a late night snack. Within a week, the women were practicing in Amanda’s apartment. Within a month, there were several noise complaints and thus the duo upgraded to an official rehearsal space, donned the name Steel Cranes, and started pouring much of their free time and energy into cultivating their sound and their songs.

Steel Cranes is an Oakland based rock duo with Amanda on drums and Tracy on vocals and guitar. Their stripped down, gritty, visceral sound has drawn comparisons to the likes of Hole, PJ Harvey, and Sleater-Kinney. Prior to their convergence, Amanda had played guitar and drums for various rock bands in Southern California while Tracy put in much of her time rambling through New York and Brooklyn with her music and comedy pursuits.

Photo credit: Miakoda Collins.

20 Sided Records
On the DIY level, San Francisco based indie label/collective 20 Sided Records likes to keep it as low key as possible. Working hard to support under the radar bands that are local to the Bay Area and occupy the handsome Western states. The world is a deep dark dungeon, but the adventure shows true light at the end of the journey.

A San Francisco based three piece indie slacker rock band that likes to party. Couches are a heavy touring band, have only been together for 9 months and they are about to play their 60th show. Impressive. Catchy hooks with nice comfortable melodies, their debut single “California” talks about the life and times of living in a corrupt country where your practically told how to think and how to live your life, even in the amazing state of California.




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