On Baghdad by the Bay, August 22 at 8pm; One Hundred Percent and Upstairs Downstairs

20 08 2013

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100% 1
One Hundred Percent
Just being loud is only half the story of San Francisco’s One Hundred Percent. In one motion they can conjure up a soaring and hazy shoegaze melody that seamlessly morphs into a searing blitz attack of post-punk percussion, and finally crashes back down to earth with a devastating Sonic Youth-esque freakout. Since early 2012, the band has been not so quietly perfecting their evocative concoction in and around the city. Now, that noise pays off in the form of their debut LP “All Teeth and Nails”, set for release on San Francisco’s increasingly addictive 20 Sided Records. Due this fall, All Teeth And Nails is a different breed of beastly; cleaner production, heavier riffs, an overall step up in sound and a massively listenable collection of songs. A strictly DIY self-recorded and produced album that the three bandmates collaboratively saw from start to finish, it blends the band’s last two years with a host of fresh ideas mixed in. It’s loud, insanely fuzzed, and the perfect introduction to One Hundred Percent.

Upstairs Downstairs
Upstairs Downstairs started as friends and roommates who literally shared the “upstairs” and the “downstairs” portion of a San Francisco house and continued on refining and creating its own brand of dark melodic pop. Independent and self-directed, the band’s new self-titled album was recorded over the course of a few months (and bottles of Bulleit) at Faultline Studios by engineer/producer Kyle McGraw. It will put out by 20 Sided Records in San Francisco on October 1.




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