On Baghdad by the Bay, August 1st at 8pm; Interview with Felsen, Ghost Parade, Guy Fox

31 07 2013

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Oakland-based indie rockers, Felsen, have recently completed their fourth album, ‘I Don’t Know How to Talk Anymore’, slated for national release on September 4, 2013. Songs were written collectively by the band—guitarist Dylan Brock, singer/guitarist Andrew Griffin, bassist Christian Hernandez, and drummer Art McConnell. Felsen took a strictly DIY approach with this new album, recording and mixing it themselves at Hernandez’s house in the East Bay.

{photo credit: Scott Simmons}

GhostParadeMacbeth (13 of 30)
Ghost Parade
Hailing from San Francisco, GHOST PARADE, is ready to take you on a musical journey that may change your life forever. The duo of Justin Bonifacio (Vocals/Guitars) and George Woods (Guitars/Vocals) are both captivating and haunting, as their special brand of rock n’ roll will catch your ears. Just releasing their debut EP in March, titled Foundation, the band is already to release more tracks, and videos into the world. Sharing their first single “Reach,” which had launched on The Vinyl District, GHOST PARADE is on their way to win you over. GHOST PARADE is a name to watch out for in 2013, so open your ears and get ready to listen.

Guy Fox
Guy Fox is an Oakland-based band that effuses dancy highlife vibes, carefree indie vocals and hints of old soul. Combine the energy of alternative rock with big band arrangements and funk breakbeats and you have the rare and impassioned music of Guy Fox. The band is made up of Northeastern transplants drawn to the Bay Area by the romance of San Francisco. They played together throughout college in Maine, jamming at house parties and cultivating the free flow groove that makes their complex arrangements feel effortless.

{photo credit: skeleton key photography}



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