On Baghdad by the Bay, May 16th at 8PM PDT; Interview with Brian Kehoe and The Tunnel

15 05 2013

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Brian Kehoe
Greetings from The Kehoe Nation. A place where the twang and shuffle of Country Western, the bizarre whimsy of carnival polkas, and outright twisted sonic explosions of punk and metal fuse together to create a misshapen and exotic family of good-time songs that strangely and completely satisfy parts of the human psyche that don’t always admit to wanting to be satisfied. The guiding hand stirring this cauldron of Punk-Metal-Americana is guitarist Bryan Kehoe, who has been lending his ferocious guitar wizardry to groups such as The Jerry Cantrell Band (Alice In Chains), Ministry, Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade (Primus), and Northern California legends M.I.R.V. Joining Mr. Kehoe on this musical vision is Amir Zitro on Stand-Up King Bass ang Jeff Gomes (M.I.R.V.) on Drums.
Come to the show, it’s gonna be loud, just follow the stale peanut shells and smell of rot-gut rye.

Tunnel Apparition stage
The Tunnel
The protagonists of the lurid stories of Tunnel vocalist/ guitarist Jeff Wagner may be grifters, but nihilists they are not. Riding possessed upon the feral, hypnotic rhythms of bassist/ noisemaker Sam Black and drummer Craig Manrique, Wagner’s anti-heroes grasp at transcendence and howl in ecstasy.




2 responses

16 05 2013
Frank Slodysko

Will there be a way to gain an audio file of the broadcast? Specifically the part with The Tunnel? I am the editor of a film in which we showcase much of their music, and it would be great to have that available for replay at later dates. Thank you!

Frank Slodysko, Editor
Speed Dragon

16 05 2013

Podcast is usually posted late night after the interview or next morning. Subscribe via iTunes or via Rss to get it as shows up.

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