On Bagdad by the Bay, April 18th, 8pm PDT; Interview with Buffalo Tooth and, Once and Future Band

18 04 2013

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Buffalo Tooth
Formed in the mouth of a buffalo and headed to a mouth near you. Often described as a mix between Blue Cheer and Black Flag, Buffalo Tooth are a fusion of all the music deemed badass. Featuring members of Glitter Wizard and the defunct Poor Sons, Buffalo Tooth are a three-piece assault that makes chicks horny and dudes jealous at the amount of manhood the band possesses. Their songs are crafted to invade your ear canal, have it’s way with your ear drum and leave you begging for more. Rarely hitting the 3 minute mark leaves little room for bullshit and fluff and just enough time for shredding licks, booming vocal harmonies and crushing drums. Buffalo Tooth self-released their debut 7 Inch in 2012 and were quickly picked up by Under the Gun Records and Captcha Records. Their debut full length LP will be released later this year.

Once and Future Band




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