On Baghdad by the Bay, March 21st at 8PM PDT; Interview with Love Dimension and Will Sprott

20 03 2013

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Love Dimension
The Love Dimension is a psychedelic garage punk country surf band from San Francisco whose influences stem from an eclectic mix of music’s past and future. Originally from the lost city of Atlantis, the band has prevailed through multiple reincarnations. In 2008, they returned to the Bay Area to create sonic architecture for the benefit of sentient beings across the multiverse.

Will Sprott
Will Sprott is a song & dance man originally from San Jose, California. From 2005-2011 he toured & released music under the name the Mumlers—a ramshackle crew of friends of which he was the only constant member. In 2012 he began performing more often under his own name, sometimes by himself, sometimes with accompaniment. His musical travels have led him on zigzagging trails around the continent appearing everywhere from the Warfield in San Francisco to the Bowery Ballroom in New York City & lots of towns in between, sharing stages with many luminaries of the musical underworld along the way. He is currently recording a new record.



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