On Baghdad by the Bay, March 28th at 8PM PDT; Guest DJ Dear Indugu and Interview with Jane Woodman

27 03 2013

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on steps
Dear Indugu
Dear Indugu is an acoustic/electric indie-rock band from Oakland, California noted for powerful instrumentation, potent lyrics, and rich vocal harmony. What began as the solo project of singer-songwriter Jesse Strickman, grew into a permanent four-piece, with an occasional live horn section and guest vocalists. The name, Dear Indugu, is inspired by the film ‘About Schmidt’ and is a metaphor for the communication of one’s innermost feelings to complete strangers.

The group performs regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area and has toured California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Washington playing everywhere from coffee shops to outdoor amphitheaters. They have opened for national and world acts, such as Damien Jurado, Cake, Jay Brannan and more. After touring with demos for years they released their debut studio EP in June of 2012.

Dear Indugu’s music ranges from intimate folk solo songs to driving full band indie rock. With thoughtful lyrics, strong dynamics, and a firm commitment to originality and musicianship, the Bay Area based band delivers a unique and powerful sound.

Jane Woodman
Somewhere between the Twilight Zone and Gotham City lies the spellbinding sound and vision of DIY artist Jane Woodman. Her songs are woven with dream-inducing guitars, dark secret vocals, and an industrial rhythm bed that covers you with subliminal layers of shoegaze, goth, post-punk, and darkwave. Alive with lush textures that wrap you with bittersweet and stimulating soundscapes, her live show has been rumoured to create an out-of-body experience.

Jane is charting in several places, and currently finishing up her first full length solo album, Teenage Red, with a little mixing help from comrade Monte Vallier (The Soft Moon, Weekend), to be released early 2013. Recent collaborations with Zoë Keating and an Ummagma remix are receiving respectable airplay, and high praise in the press.

On Baghdad by the Bay, March 21st at 8PM PDT; Interview with Love Dimension and Will Sprott

20 03 2013

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Love Dimension
The Love Dimension is a psychedelic garage punk country surf band from San Francisco whose influences stem from an eclectic mix of music’s past and future. Originally from the lost city of Atlantis, the band has prevailed through multiple reincarnations. In 2008, they returned to the Bay Area to create sonic architecture for the benefit of sentient beings across the multiverse.

Will Sprott
Will Sprott is a song & dance man originally from San Jose, California. From 2005-2011 he toured & released music under the name the Mumlers—a ramshackle crew of friends of which he was the only constant member. In 2012 he began performing more often under his own name, sometimes by himself, sometimes with accompaniment. His musical travels have led him on zigzagging trails around the continent appearing everywhere from the Warfield in San Francisco to the Bowery Ballroom in New York City & lots of towns in between, sharing stages with many luminaries of the musical underworld along the way. He is currently recording a new record.

On Baghdad by the Bay, Thursday March 14 at 8pm PDT; Interview with Mortar and Pestle, Steakhouse, Old and Gray

14 03 2013

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Mortar and Pestle
From Oakland, California, Mortar & Pestle is a trio that makes the kind of “this reminds me of the summer when…” songs that stick like smoke. These are tunes which bring up the feelings that make memories, bridging genres and weaving the past and future into a retrospective ride towards tomorrow. The self-titled debut from Oakland, California trio Mortar & Pestle is scheduled for release on the Post Primal label on May 7th, 2013. The album is preceded by the single “U.V.,” streaming now.

Steakhouse is a rock group from San Francisco, California. Their music sounds like a mix of post-punk, kraut and art rock, with little bits of country/ western thrown in at all the wrong times. They are influenced by Neu!, Johnny Cash, Rank & File, Scott Walker and The Clash. The band comprises a few of the people who answered a Craigslist ad titled “Art Fags Make Dancy Band,” during 2011

Old and Gray
Two years ago, Old And Gray sat down in a café and scribbled onto a napkin “write a super fuzzy album”. The napkin must have been printed from fortune cookie paper, cause before long, that album was taking shape. It began as a spontaneous explosion of raw melody and soon began to take the form of a eulogy. “The whole theme was inspired by a friend I lost within the past year. She gave me a lovely photo and it’s all I have left from our friendship. The process of finishing the album became very strange. I became infatuated with the photo and stare into it and pretend I was in it. I’d even have these dreams where she would come visit me in my dreams and sing these wild poems to me. Many of the poems would eventually become lyrics on the album”–Buddy Hale

On Baghdad by the Bay, March 7th at 8pm PST; Interview with Rags and Ribbons, Breakdown Valentine and Jaunting Martyrs

6 03 2013

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Interview with Rags and Ribbons, Breakdown Valentine and Jaunting Martyrs

doug fir
Rags and Ribbons
Rags + Ribbons play melodic rock anthems driven by classically-inspired piano. Progressive and post-rock influences by way of Queen, Muse, MEW and Sigur Ros color these intricate pop songs, expressing desire, yearning, regret and joy like only pop can. This Portland, Oregon band’s debut album, “The Glass Masses” features elaborately structured songs with rich harmonies and dramatic hooks.
Pianist, Jonathan Hicks, and guitarist, Ben Weyerhaeuser, met and decided to form the band while singing together in school choirs. Their twinned vocals are a key element of the band’s sound, adding depth and showmanship to their songs. By a fortunate twist of fate, the band became complete when drummer, Chris Neff, responded to a Craigslist post from Jon and Ben. The band’s diverse backgrounds, ranging from the ghetto of Flint, Michigan to the suburbs of Portland, Oregon to the farmlands of rural Washington State, provide a broad scope of influences and musical styles. Rags + Ribbons strive to create unique music and live performances that communicate an exciting range of shared human experiences.

Breakdown Valentine
Breakdown Valentine hails from San Francisco and consists of Allen Davis (formerly of Every Move a Picture) and Olivia Barchard. The duo diligently crafts dynamic songs, pulling inspiration from warm analog synth sounds to mindscapes of cinematic value.  They strive to design emotive sonic experiences, but never steer too far from their natural pop-sensibilities. The music sits comfortably next to sounds by Chromatics, M83, Pheonix, The Naked and Famous, Goldfrapp…etc. Breakdown Valentine are currently recording and diving into the live circuit.

turkey girl
Jaunting Martyrs
The Jaunting Martyrs is a San Francisco/Bay Area cross-genre band that combines elements of Rockabilly, Gypsy Swing, Surf, Blues, and good ol’ Rock ‘n’ Roll. The elements of story telling, poetry, references to folklore, literary history, and current events in the lyricism and the eclectic nature of this group produces music that is unique and yet relatable. From the cross-genre sound & tight musicianship, to the handmade custom designed costumes, to the DIY merch & posters of original art, to the surprise guest appearances of clown acts & sideshow freaks at shows, to the collaborative addition of varying local horn players… This band puts on a multi-dimensional show like no other.