On Baghdad by the Bay, February 7th, 8PM PST; Interview with King Loses Crown, Great Apes and Belle Noire

7 02 2013

Stream the show Or download the MP3

King Loses Crown
King Loses Crown makes music for an apocalyptic future. This San Francisco trio fuses man and machine to create hard-hitting, genre-bending music that 3Hive describes as “darker than Devo, faster than Depeche Mode, denser than Killing Joke.” The band, which initially began as a collaboration between Kent Carter (vocals, bass and synth) and Michael Cobra (vocals and guitar), wanted to blend their love of anthemic punk rock and electronic dance music. The pair eventually added drummer Sander Leech to bring fire and depth to their live performances. King Loses Crown have played with a wide variety of acts such as Nitzer Ebb, Blackburner and Butcher Babies. Their new six-song EP, You Can’t Escape, will be released Feb. 19, 2013 and features their first single “My Revenge.”

Great Apes
Plain and simple, Great Apes are a punk band from San Francisco. Minimalism reigns. Play it fast. Play it loud. Make it stick. While we all have been or are in an array of more complex projects, this band is founded on pop-sensible simplicity and the notion that music, much like a bio, is often at its finest when it’s spit out intensely, with concision and honesty.

Belle Noire
Belle Noire is a Post Rock/Alternative/Indie band from San Jose, Ca. Formed in 2011. The band currently consists of: Joey Lancaster- Guitar/Vocals, Dan Sek-Bass/Vocals, Sal Contreras- Drums, Sergio Herrera- Guitar/Percussion, and Mike Grijalva: Guitar. The band wrote and recorded the self- titled EP in RHL studios in Fremont, CA with longtime friend and colleague Stephen Hawkins, in which the first 6 songs written were recorded, and pressed to CD. The band strives to perform live with passion, and energy, to make you feel what the songs mean. Pulling influence from many different areas, Like Thrice, Deftones, Circa Survive, Moving Mountains, and many, many other acts. Belle Noire will be performing all around the bay area until a small tour late summer/early fall until going into the studio to record Our full-length Album.




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