On Baghdad by the Bay, January 31st at 8pm; Interview with Warm Soda and Shady Maples

31 01 2013

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warm soda 666
Warm Soda
“Perfecting the blend of glitter and grime that earned Bare Wires a soft spot in the hearts of the bubblegum-popping, foot-stomping masses, Matthew Melton joins with bassist Chase Asmussen, guitarist Rob Good, and drummer Ian McBrayer as Warm Soda. With their debut LP, Someone For You, the outfit charts the familiar territory of power pop, glam, and punk, but with a decidedly more confident stride. The twelve resulting songs smack of sugar but sate an appetite that craves more than something sweet, their initial taste of preeminently listenable simplicity giving way to a lingering flavor of their compositional complexity. The group continues to cook up universally palatable jams out of Good & Melton’s Fuzz City Studios in Oakland, CA, and plans to take them on the road this year, cruising America’s historic highways in the spring and crossing the Atlantic for a European tour before summer’s end.”

Terra Linda
Shady Maples
Shady Maples is gritty and explosive electric and acoustic driven rock, Americana and Latin with a lyrical centerpiece. Their combustible debut 2012 album, Unfold, showcases the dynamic songwriting of Berkeley’s Owen Roberts and arrangements that range from stripped and melodic to rocking psychedelic, featuring lapsteel, Hammond organ, and vocal harmonies. After touring the coast for two years, the band has expanded to include cello, percussion, and more organ.

Cellist Shira Lee Katz and organist Micah Dubreuil have added their sensibilities to the band’s sound, re-interpreting the songs from the record and arranging parts on a handful of new songs. At the Bottom of the Hill this Saturday, Feb. 2 Kelly McFarling will bring her sweet harmony to the stage, just like she did in the studio on Unfold. Trent Boeschen and Dennis Haneda hold down a tight rhythm section, and Owen Roberts fronts the band on percussion and electric and acoustic guitars.

Photo credit: Tom Rhodes




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