On Baghdad by the Bay, January 24 at 8pm; Interview with Happy Fangs and VELA

24 01 2013
Stream the show Or download the MP3

Happy Fangs
Mike Cobra and Rebecca Bortman came from opposite ends of the San Francisco music spectrum. Mike is the brooding frontman in the robot-infested electro-rock band, King Loses Crown. Rebecca is a giddy sugar pop queen, fronting indie pop band, My First Earthquake. The two bands shared a practice space in The Tenderloin’s Francisco Studios and that’s how Happy Fangs came to be.

There was a reason that ying-yangs were so popular in the 1990s, and this duo’s contrast gets at the heart of that symbol. The result is a dark punk exuberance that works in Happy Fangs’ punk anthems. You must see this duo live in all their warpaint and glory.

http://www.invelawetrust.com | www.facebook.com/invelawetrust
The band is lyrically inspired by fantasies of love, and the beauty of empowerment. VELA is comprised of members of Delle Vellum, The Paradise Boys, The Snake the Cross and the Crown (Equal Vision), and New Diplomat (Dan the Automator). The band started as a side project between guitarist Ian Zazueta and front woman Florie Maschmeyer. Bassist Nate Higley was quickly added to the fold, introducing Julia Johari as a second keyboard player, guitarist and background vocalist. The four of them wrote a batch of songs and by September landed Jef Pauly as drummer. They are currently recording their debut EP at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California.




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