On Baghdad by the Bay, January 31st at 8pm; Interview with Warm Soda and Shady Maples

31 01 2013

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warm soda 666
Warm Soda
“Perfecting the blend of glitter and grime that earned Bare Wires a soft spot in the hearts of the bubblegum-popping, foot-stomping masses, Matthew Melton joins with bassist Chase Asmussen, guitarist Rob Good, and drummer Ian McBrayer as Warm Soda. With their debut LP, Someone For You, the outfit charts the familiar territory of power pop, glam, and punk, but with a decidedly more confident stride. The twelve resulting songs smack of sugar but sate an appetite that craves more than something sweet, their initial taste of preeminently listenable simplicity giving way to a lingering flavor of their compositional complexity. The group continues to cook up universally palatable jams out of Good & Melton’s Fuzz City Studios in Oakland, CA, and plans to take them on the road this year, cruising America’s historic highways in the spring and crossing the Atlantic for a European tour before summer’s end.”

Terra Linda
Shady Maples
Shady Maples is gritty and explosive electric and acoustic driven rock, Americana and Latin with a lyrical centerpiece. Their combustible debut 2012 album, Unfold, showcases the dynamic songwriting of Berkeley’s Owen Roberts and arrangements that range from stripped and melodic to rocking psychedelic, featuring lapsteel, Hammond organ, and vocal harmonies. After touring the coast for two years, the band has expanded to include cello, percussion, and more organ.

Cellist Shira Lee Katz and organist Micah Dubreuil have added their sensibilities to the band’s sound, re-interpreting the songs from the record and arranging parts on a handful of new songs. At the Bottom of the Hill this Saturday, Feb. 2 Kelly McFarling will bring her sweet harmony to the stage, just like she did in the studio on Unfold. Trent Boeschen and Dennis Haneda hold down a tight rhythm section, and Owen Roberts fronts the band on percussion and electric and acoustic guitars.

Photo credit: Tom Rhodes

On Baghdad by the Bay, January 24 at 8pm; Interview with Happy Fangs and VELA

24 01 2013
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Happy Fangs
Mike Cobra and Rebecca Bortman came from opposite ends of the San Francisco music spectrum. Mike is the brooding frontman in the robot-infested electro-rock band, King Loses Crown. Rebecca is a giddy sugar pop queen, fronting indie pop band, My First Earthquake. The two bands shared a practice space in The Tenderloin’s Francisco Studios and that’s how Happy Fangs came to be.

There was a reason that ying-yangs were so popular in the 1990s, and this duo’s contrast gets at the heart of that symbol. The result is a dark punk exuberance that works in Happy Fangs’ punk anthems. You must see this duo live in all their warpaint and glory.

http://www.invelawetrust.com | www.facebook.com/invelawetrust
The band is lyrically inspired by fantasies of love, and the beauty of empowerment. VELA is comprised of members of Delle Vellum, The Paradise Boys, The Snake the Cross and the Crown (Equal Vision), and New Diplomat (Dan the Automator). The band started as a side project between guitarist Ian Zazueta and front woman Florie Maschmeyer. Bassist Nate Higley was quickly added to the fold, introducing Julia Johari as a second keyboard player, guitarist and background vocalist. The four of them wrote a batch of songs and by September landed Jef Pauly as drummer. They are currently recording their debut EP at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California.

On Baghdad by the Bay; January 17th at 8PM PST; Interview with Giggle Party, Commissure and Kowloon Walled City

16 01 2013

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Giggle Party
Giggle Party was formed in Dallas, Texas and after garnering a dedicated cult following for their raucous live performances and feel-good, borderline absurdest breed of pop-punk, they have relocated to San Francisco to share their musical celebration. Giggle Party’s recently-released debut LP Death and Other Unnatural Phenomena celebrates the absurdity of death and living each day like it’s your last. The record features a more polished sound than the band’s 2009 EP The Holes In Your Face Are Pleasing, but the frenetic urgency of their message remains clear: Have fun. Live Hard. Dance. Repeat.

Commissure is a four piece band from San Francisco, California United States. Self describe Low-fi bedroom rockers, COMMISSURE are reminiscent of artists such as MOGWAI, MONO, RED SPAROWES, ISIS, and many more with their heavy syncopation, slow builds, and amazing crescendos

Kowloon Walled City
Kowloon Walled City is a 4-piece band from San Francisco, formed in 2007. They have released three proper records: Turk Street (Wordclock, 2008); Gambling on the Richter Scale (Perpetual Motion Machine, 2009); and the recently released Container Ships (Brutal Panda, 2012). Over the last six years, the band has played a lot of shows, endured injuries, replaced members, done side projects, toured, considered hanging it up, released a few cool splits, and here we are now.

On Baghdad by the Bay, January 10th at 8pm; Interview with Owl Paws, Guest DJs Spiderheart and Bonnie and the Bang Bangs

10 01 2013

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Guest DJ
Spider Heart is a four piece garage rock band hailing from Oakland, CA. With a sound and feel of a runaway freight train with squeaky brakes slamming head on into a glitter factory Spider Heart delivers its blues driven rock n roll through reverb soaked guitar riffs, pounding rhythm section and dark, devious lyrics wrapped up in sweet yet sinister melodies. The band has sourced The Stooges, The Kills, Nick Cave, The White Stripes, Patti Smith, The Cramps and Tom Waits as some of their major influences. Formed in late 2011 based on a mutual love of vintage sounds, dive bars, juke boxes and questionable evenings followed by puzzling mornings, Spider Heart has spent the last year honing in on their grinding sound and electrifying, smokey live shows. They released their DIY LP entitled Voodoo in October 2012 and are currently in the studio working on their first EP entitled Under the Gun due for release in January, 2013.

Owl Paws
Owl Paws is a San Francisco-based quartet furthering the folk, emo and progressive rock sensibilities of Fleet Foxes, American Football and Circa Survive. Utilizing the melodic elements of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, upright bass, drums and vocal harmonies, each member shapes the sound heard around the bay at venues from the Arlene Francis Theater in Santa Rosa to The Elbo Room and Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. The band is releasing their sophomore effort, a 12″ LP titled “Carry On,” in the fall of 2012.”

Bonnie & the BANG BANG
Guest DJ
Bonnie & the BANG BANG is predicated on writing grooving, hypnotic rhythms highlighted by dark, cutting lyrics that entrance the listener in a dreary, dreamy narrative. Bonnie & the BANG BANG was founded by Patrick James Stiles (vocalist), Jake Dineen (multi-instrumentalist) and Joe Warren (guitarist) in the early Summer of 2011. They released their first EP “Ode To Darkness” on Valantine’s Day 2012. It was produced by the mercurial Sam Pura at his Panda Studios.

On Baghdad by the Bay, January 3rd at 8pm; Interview with Jesús and the Rabbis, Bells Atlas and Oceanography

2 01 2013

Jesús and the Rabbis
Jesús and the Rabbis are a 4-piece, high energy soul rock group straight out of the streets of San Francisco with a Funk to make you wanna drink 180 proof holy water. Formed officially in 2007, the band consists of The Lovely Wise, the moniker of the lead singer, who has a soulful, sultry voice. When she really gets into it, there’s a little James Brown in her soul. Jesús, the slap happy Bassist and founder of Jesús and The Rabbis, owns the instrument, playing melodic and hard hitting baselines and providing vocals with a crunch that makes you think of Mr. Tom Waits in his later days. Josh [killaHz] shreds on the guitar, from soaring, can’t get it out of your head, riffs and chord progressions, to mind bending leads that give you chills. Christopher [Cookies] Kelly, drums like a machine, providing the backbone for the “make your booty shake” sound that is Jesús and The Rabbis.

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Bells Atlas
Bells Atlas is a 4-piece band emerging from the vibrant cultural and musical backdrop of Oakland, CA. Blending heavy percussion, soulful vocal harmonies, captivating loops, and thoughtful arrangements, this dynamic group has arrived at a sound that is uniquely their own, calling it Afro-Indie Soul. They capture the spirit of an eclectic range of influences, including Highlife, Hip-Hop, Samba, R&B and aspects of Indie Pop. Having quickly drawn a wide audience with diverse tastes, they are close to finishing their debut full-length album, intent on providing their listeners with an experience that incessantly grabs the ear and evokes relentless body movement. Be sure to catch their Single Release Show on January 10th at Brick and Mortar Music Hall with other East Bay artists, Yesway and Zakiya Harris.

While at least one aspect of Brian Kelly’s aesthetic is steeped in the sonic excesses of gothic Americana, the brains behind Oakland rock project Oceanography isn’t entirely certain where the rest of it resides, creatively speaking. He is sure about at least one attribute pertaining to his new EP Parachutes of Plenty. “I guess what I’m trying to do is avoid folk,” says Kelly. “I’m not just some dude playing a guitar.” That much is obvious while listening to Parachutes of Plenty’s swirling collection of guitar-heavy epics and free-roaming gloom-pop. Musicians on the EP include drummer Kathleen Richards and organist (and engineer) Scott Barwick, but Oceanography is more or less Kelly’s baby.