On Baghdad by the Bay, December 20th at 8pm PDT; Interview with Scissors for Lefty and Churches

19 12 2012

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SFL - Winter 2012
Scissors for Lefty
Scissors For Lefty is a San Francisco Band with a sophisticated pop style combining elements of Indie, Yesteryear, & Dirty Glam. They are about as playful as an arty pop band can get: melodies in between melodies, jangly guitar, glittery keyboard, of Montreal-esque bass, galloping propulsion from a 6 foot 10 drummer, all fronted by heavy-breathing tales of romance and counter-culture glow. The group clearly sounds like they are enjoying themselves. Cute, sexy, and a little

When EMA asks the question ‘what’s it like to be small-town and gay?’ in her unhinged anthem ‘California’, Caleb Nichols has an answer: It was brutal, it was beautiful, and well worth singing about. Nichols, along with Bay Area music scene vets Pat Spurgeon and Dominic East, explores the heartache and wonder of small-town teenage alienation in his new Bay-Area based outfit, CHURCHES. CHURCHES is salvation through distortion for the disaffected small-town weirdo in everyone – a sonic cathedral of cymbals and guitars for the modern outcast. Download the free, self-titled debut ep and find out what all the noise is about.

On Baghdad by the Bay, December 13th at 8pm; Interview with Abatis and Hottub

13 12 2012

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Following the enthusiastic reception of their self-titled debut EP, Abatis (“abba-tee”) spent several months performing throughout the Bay Area with nationally touring bands such as Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Lionize, and Nico Vega, as well as local favorite, The Soft White Sixties. Though the stage time was invigorating and invaluable, Abatis promptly decided to record their first full-length album, and made the bold choice to do so independently. The result: Electric Dead. Electric Dead moved away from the bluesy sound of their first EP into more raw, contemporary, fearless rock territory like that of Queens of the Stone Age, The Black Keys, and Foo Fighters. Completed in just three months and released in October 2011, Electric Dead was received with rave reviews. Alberto Rivera of Thrust Magazine described the album as “consistently amazing,” comparing Abatis to 70s dirt rockers Blue Cheer and MC 5.

While the three freaks of nature were seducing each other with their stank and sinful vocal harmonies, a space craft from the future called the Bass Station 5000 collided violently into the ladies’ Sparkle Motion Machine. On the control decks of the Bass Station 5000 was super-producer Jay-Sonic and world class gigolo Funky Finger Mark devising their masterplan to rule the universe with the Oakland Bump. The result of this fortunate collision was nothing less than perfect. Ladies and gentlemen, the birth of HOTTUB!

On Baghdad by the Bay, December 6th at 8pm; Guest DJ Stages of Sleep, Interview with Bray and Buttercream Gang

6 12 2012

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Stages of Sleep
Carousel, The Stages of Sleep’s full-length debut is due out December 7, 2012. Carousel takes listeners on a journey from childhood innocence, through adolescent debauchery, to adult heartache and loss, and back again. Featuring introspective lyrics, complex melodies, and lush orchestration, blended with intricate rhythms, the album is at once demanding and subtle, insistent yet fragile, and ultimately commands attention.

Bray is a San Francisco-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with the fire and strut of the classic rock front-man, the moves and voice of the classic soul-man, and the quick self-effacing humor of the classic talk show host. Ignited by jagged guitar driven grooves, ultra-catchy pop rock hooks, and his kinetic live performances, Bray never fails to fuel audiences into a feel-good frenzy. Along with his top-notch backing band, Bray has performed for crowds as large as 50,000 in ten countries around the world, sharing stages with Slash, Scott Weiland and Joe Satriani as well as members
of The Doors and the Sex Pistols.

The Buttercream Gang
A band that has paid their dues, The Buttercream Gang (comprised of Bobby Renz, Peter Davies, and Robinson Kuntz) have written, produced, and managed themselves since starting in Napa, California nine years ago – when Bobby was just 15 years old and had to walk to practice. The group also had an alter-ego as “Congo Death Lazer” – where they would play 80s covers. Originally a standard trio, the band has grown to become more of a collaborative effort with members sharing lead vocals and bouncing around on various instruments alongside Max Bonick on guitar, keys, bass and Alex Garcia on saxophones. The Buttercream Gang have come to craft an eclectic and catchy sound by way of various influencers, especially the Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti and African guitar music. Charged with these worldly influences and recording techniques of Jamaican music from the 60′s and 70s, the band takes on a unique sound. Mixed with Beach Boys harmonies and tinges of Animal Collective and Deerhunter’s eclecticism, The Buttercream Gang has instant appeal.