On Baghdad by the Bay, Nov 1 at 8PM; Interview with Dubious Ranger and Spanish Cannons

1 11 2012

Stream the show archive.
Or download the MP3

Dubious Ranger
Dubious Ranger is a band started by classical pianist Alexander Eccles. The music is predicated on tunefulness, strong grooves, and a fluid percussion section in lieu of a drumkit. A usual Dubious Ranger show might consist of one guitarist, one bassist, and 10 people playing on rusty metal pipes and cymbal fragments. If you dig artists like Bowie, Waits, Beck, Reed, Talking Heads, Nick Cave, Radiohead, or anyone else hip whom we forgot to mention, you might very well enjoy listening to Dubious Ranger.

Spanish Cannons
Local band Spanish Cannons is Chris Michael and Michael Pettett. The band has gone through transformation starting with roots in Shapes & Distance and Picture Atlantic. They have toured over the Pacific Northwest with an EP out called “The Molecules”.Chris is lead vocalist and guitar with Michael on drums, percussion, and vocals. They have been together since May 2010 and have played shows to a dedicated crowd that keeps growing with each performance. Their new album, “Get Well Soon, Everybody” will be out soon with date to be announced. — SFWeekly



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