On Baghdad by the Bay, Nov 29th at 8pm; Interview with The Lady Crooners, Plastic Arts, and Ash Reiter

29 11 2012

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The Lady Crooners
The Lady Crooners are a new ‘almost country’ band from San Francisco, CA featuring sibling singer-songwriters, Joseph and Nadia Krilanovich, along with singer-songwriter, Andrew Blair, bassist, Bret Cohune, and multi-instrumentalist, Ross Warner. Folks say they harmonize like angels, play like the dickens, and leave a crowd wanting more. Their first CD, The Lady Crooners, debuted in April 2012 and they’re currently at work on a second. The Lady Crooners are thrilled to be sharing their signature style of authentic, darn good music with you.

Plastic Arts
The Plastic Arts is the musical efforts of San Francisco Bay Area songwriter, Kyle M. Terrizzi. Vocal comparisons have run the gamut from the gut-punch brawn of Jeff Buckley to the college-rock croon of John Mayer, but the music is more often associated with the alt-country style of Heartbreaker-era Ryan Adams, the pop sensibilities of David Gray, with a touch of Morrissey melancholia, and the confessional, narrative lyricism of early Counting Crows. Academy Clonez is the first full length release from The Plastic Arts, as well as the first definitive artistic and musical statement from Kyle M. Terrizzi under that moniker.

Ash Reiter
With with their new album “HOLA” Ash Reiter is saying hello to the world. Although, truth be told, the band has been around for awhile and already has some impressive albums under their belt. Ash Reiter’s first self released full length, “Paper Diamonds (2010),” offers an eclectic mix of songs demonstrating the band’s affinity for stretching a simple folk song into a multi-layered, psychedelic pop masterpiece. Drummer, Will Halsey, cut his teeth as a producer mixing and recording this record in his trademarkunorthodox style combining hi-fi and lo-fi to create his own “mid-fi” style.

On Baghdad by the Bay, November 15th at 8pm; Interview with Steakhouse and Poor Man’s Whiskey

14 11 2012

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Steakhouse is a rock group from San Francisco, California. Their music sounds like a mix of post-punk, kraut and art rock, with little bits of country/ western thrown in at all the wrong times. They are influenced by Neu!, Johnny Cash, Rank & File, Scott Walker and The Clash. The band comprises a few of the people who answered a Craigslist ad titled “Art Fags Make Dancy Band,” during 2011

Poor Man’s Whiskey
Emerging from the San Francisco bay area music scene this quintet has developed a sound that is eclectic and engaging. PMW has been winning over national audiences with their upbeat performances, zany stage antics, and infectious songs. While seamlessly integrating acoustic and electric instruments the band weaves tales of everyday life, inviting the audience to become a part of each show. PMW has released five studio albums, “Hunnerd Proof”(2002), “Train to California” (2003), “Roadside Attraction”(2005), “Dark Side of the Moonshine” (2009; a double disc set featuring original music as well as the bluegrass interpretation of the Pink Floyd classic album) and in May of 2011 the band released “Goodbye California”.

On Baghdad by the Bay, November 8th at 8pm; Interview with Fucking Buckaroos, Teenage Sweater, Meat Sluts

8 11 2012

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Fucking Buckaroos
Formed in San Francisco in 2004, the group consists of Timothy Sandberg (vocals/guitar/banjo), Ricky Pugh (vocals/guitar/mandolin) Andy Appleton (drums) and Thomas “Pinkus” Puhek (bass). Their 20-song, self-titled album, The Fucking Buckaroos, was released in 2007. In 2009 they partnered with Tijuana-based psychobilly band Los Helldandys to put out a split 7″ vinyl-only record entitled Popular Romance, and in 2010 they were featured on Untitled 21: A Juvenile Tribute to the Swingin Utters. Their second full-length album, II, was released in 2012 in America, with an upcoming European release planned by Germany’s Out of My Mind Records. Having expanded the scope of their music over the better part of the last decade, the band has reflected the influence of their travels and experience into their unique form of “Punk Rock Americana”. Both their originals and their interpretations of country/folk/bluegrass standards, are often riotous, profane and filled with trouble, toil and bloodshed; but they also reflect a deep sense of compassion, hilarity and a demand for social justice.The Fucking Buckaroos will make you want to fight, fuck, laugh and cry, all at the same time.

Teenage Sweater


Meat Sluts
MEET THE MEAT SLUTS: Taking the cock outta rock, putting pussy into punk, these meat muffins are four tunnels of fun from San Francisco. THE MEAT SLUTS have cum together to ROCK BABY, ROOOOOCK and leave you hungry for more! It’s time to mess around!

On Baghdad by the Bay, Nov 1 at 8PM; Interview with Dubious Ranger and Spanish Cannons

1 11 2012

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Dubious Ranger
Dubious Ranger is a band started by classical pianist Alexander Eccles. The music is predicated on tunefulness, strong grooves, and a fluid percussion section in lieu of a drumkit. A usual Dubious Ranger show might consist of one guitarist, one bassist, and 10 people playing on rusty metal pipes and cymbal fragments. If you dig artists like Bowie, Waits, Beck, Reed, Talking Heads, Nick Cave, Radiohead, or anyone else hip whom we forgot to mention, you might very well enjoy listening to Dubious Ranger.

Spanish Cannons
Local band Spanish Cannons is Chris Michael and Michael Pettett. The band has gone through transformation starting with roots in Shapes & Distance and Picture Atlantic. They have toured over the Pacific Northwest with an EP out called “The Molecules”.Chris is lead vocalist and guitar with Michael on drums, percussion, and vocals. They have been together since May 2010 and have played shows to a dedicated crowd that keeps growing with each performance. Their new album, “Get Well Soon, Everybody” will be out soon with date to be announced. — SFWeekly