On Baghdad by the Bay, October 11th at 8pm; Interview with City of Women and Dreamdate

9 10 2012

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City of Women
Circa 2007…Nero and Alwyn, whose respective bands barbarasteele and Boshuda shared many a bill in San Francisco venues, were band-less, and talked about finally putting something together…but just “for fun”, as the sting from the demises of their previous bands was still fresh. Around the same time, Charlie, after doing a year at the Los Angeles Music Academy and giving a good run with the local music scene, ran from Los Angeles and ended up in San Francisco. He met Nero while working at Amoeba Music, and in time joined Alwyn and Nero in a band “just for fun”.

Toying with punk, soul, art rock, and tripped out jam sessions, and gigging here and there- After a few back-up singers and bassists later, they exorcised the ghosts of their past musical lives and moved forward into the sound they have today: old-fashioned futuristic rock-n-roll, inspired by their love for the grandiose bombast and shimmery swing of our rock and alternative forefathers and mothers, the style and swagger of Hollywood’s ages past, Barbary Coast folklore, and love…lust…longing. They are the band (and state of mind) that is “City Of Women”

Dreamdate get right to their business of brightening our day with their short, snappy tunes. The overall sound of Dreamdate can readily be spoken of in the same breath as early ’90s crushworthy indie pop a la Lois, cub and Tiger Trap. As the unaffected and uneffected electric guitars strum away happily and the drums keep things simple with an uncluttered beat, you might find yourself hummin’ along with these gals’ warm, smooth female vocals. —Nice. Aquarius Records April 2007.

Although their tunes are reminiscent of, say, the riot grrl and Seattle/Portland-based garage movements, they still could only exist in present times. Their songs are, for the most part, up-tempo odes to not-so-simple pleasures and guilt and sometimes feel emotionally ambivalent…This is truly the kind of music you’d want on a Walkman when traversing long distances in the suburbs. —California Aggie August 2006.




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