On Baghdad by the Bay, September 27th at 8pm; Tumbleweed Wanderers, 20 Sided Records, Interview with Li Xi

28 09 2012

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Tumbleweed Wanderers
Jeremy Lyon and Zak Mandel-Romann formed Tumbleweed Wanderers in March 2011. Sharing a mutual admiration of the “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack, Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On” and Fleet Foxes “Ragged Wood” the two left college to pursue music full-time. They recruited keyboardist Patrick Glynn, whom Zak had played with since he was ten, drummer Daniel Blum, whom Jeremy met when he was sweeping the floors of a recording studio, and singer / banjo player / guitarist Rob Fidel, whom Jeremy met at an open mic on the first day of college at UC Santa Cruz. Young and energetic, this group will get you rocking and dancing the night away. The Wanderers are reminiscent of Dylan, Crosby Stills Nash and Young and Simon and Garfunkel. Their voices and instruments bring a youthful freshness mixed with old soul wisdom.

20 Sided Records
San Francisco-based record collective who emphatically state, “We are musicians who party and support other musicians who party. Roll a 20 in life.”

Li Xi
Li Xi is an experimental pop outfit from San Francisco. They use dream-pop vocal melodies and combine 60’s psychedelia with contemporary electronics and vintage synthesizers. Vocalist Maryann Tran captures a similar innocence and beauty as that from Margo Guryan. The music is written by James Vernon. Influenced heavily by Odd pop groups like Broadcast, Stereolab and their subsequent influences.

On Baghdad by the Bay, Thursday Sept 20th at 8pm; Interview with The Rabbles and PictureAtlantic

19 09 2012

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The Rabbles

The Rabbles are a psychedelic rock band from San Francisco founded in 2003. It’s members include J.Lee and Marina Lazzara on guitar and vocals, Dave Mairs on drums and backing vocals, Jamie Kimmel on bass, lead and backing vocals and Michael Chulada on organ/keyboards. They play a pastiche of styles influenced by 60′s psychedelia, 70′s and 80′s underground post-punk and various art and noise rock.

The band has recorded 4 albums, Rabble Music (2004), Rabble Rabble (2008), Dabble (2010) and a brand new lp yet to be titled which will be released soon. Each album is self recorded and is a unique collection of curios spanning lush pop to abrasive dissonance.

The members of The Rabbles have been a part of San Francisco’s music scene for the past two decades. Past bands have included Static Faction, Aerosol Species, Blue Gum Art, Poetiks, Shmoogie, Ghost Echoes, and The Love X Nowhere.

Next Thursday night, Sept. 27th, The Rabbles will play the Critical Mass 20th Birthday Party at Cell Space in the Mission at 2050 Bryant with Grass Widow, Apogee Sound Club and Future Twin. The show is a part of a week long celebration. A schedule of events can be found at http://www.sfcriticalmass.org.

Starting in 2006, Picture Atlantic came out of the San Jose hardcore scene on a quest to create memorable and melodic rock music. With the release of their first EP “Change is Welcome” , they toured California and the west coast part time, and had the opportunity to play 2007 Warped Tour’s Ernie Ball stage.

Time moved on though, and Picture Atlantic headed into the studio to create 2008’s “Kleos” , their first full length album, which in turn helped them tour more broadly, even winning them a slot to open for Coldplay in San Jose. “Kleos” had bloggers and reviewers drawing musical similarities to The killers, Coldplay, The Cure, The Police, Radiohead, and Death Cab For Cutie, but yet with an original flair all their own.

On Baghdad by the Bay, Thursday Sept 13th at 8pm; Interview with Taxes

12 09 2012

Tune in to Radio Valencia at 8pm to listen live.

Former “crumb” frontman Robby Cronholm is the emotional motor that drives the band Taxes. Robby formed “crumb” in Southern California, and at the age of nineteen signed with Qwest/Warner Bros. and released “Romance is a Slow Dance.” The release of the record led to “crumb” touring with such top tier acts as “Jimmy Eat World,” “Death Cab for Cutie,” and a slot on that year’s Lollapalooza festival tour. Eventually “crumb” disbanded and Robby waited a few years before forming Taxes. They released their first EP, “This is Going To End Badly” at the Noise Pop Music Festival and their first full-length, “It’s Always Something” was just released this past September.