On Baghdad by the Bay, August 23rd at 8pm PDT; Interview with Ugly Winner, The Hooks, Hurry Up Shotgun

23 08 2012

Listen to the stream
or download the Mp3

Ugly Winner
Ugly Winner formed as a three piece in 2008, playing shows around the Bay Area, touring the U.S. West Coast and working on songs for their first full-length entitled “Minutes, Years & Never”. The album was released in 2010, along with a split 7″ with San Francisco based band, Slow Trucks. Suffice to say, the band is rooted in San Jose DIY, local indie music, and art. They are synonymous, almost, with their bassist’s place called the “Ginger Bread House”, a destination for many touring bands choosing to grace the heart of Silicon Valley

The Hooks
Formed in Sligo, Ireland in 2003. We played two nationwide tours with Shane MacGowan, did a few 2FM Fanning sessions.
With 2004 came the trip across the Atlantic to edge of the Pacific and San Francisco.

Hurry Up Shotgun
Oakland’s Hurry Up Shotgun have been playing their muscular noisepop/rock for audiences across the bay area and beyond for 5 years now, growing more powerful with every show. In April of 2011 they went into the studio with Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Helmet, Jello Biafra, Tool) and recorded their 2nd album.




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