On Baghdad by the Bay, August 16 at 8pm PDT; Interview with Tremor Low and Permanent Collection

15 08 2012

Listen to the audio stream
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Tremor Low
Tremor Low is a four-piece band hailing from Oakland, California that creates insistent, brooding post-punk/new-wave music. Tremor Low brings their live experience to crowds throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, delivering a dense swell of synthesizers, iconic vocals and airtight rhythm. In 2012 the band will tour in support of “Kingmaker” hitting the road and inspiring new generations of misanthropes everywhere.

Permanent Collection
Originally beginning as the post-Young Prisms solo project of Jason Hendardy in 2011, San Francisco’s Permanent Collection became a more rounded-out affair when locals Megan Dabkowski (bass), Brenden Nerfa (guitar) and Mike Stillman (drums) were added to the mix. One part pop, one part shoegaze, with a punk spirit and energy, Permanent Collection exists in a world where it can scribble love notes to Creation Records on one hand, while nodding to neighbors Slumberland Records over the bay bridge on the other.




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