On Baghdad by the Bay, June 28; Interview with Corner Laughers and Via Coma

28 06 2012

Listen to the Stream Or download the MP3.

Corner Laughers
Fresh from the fields of Mystery Lawn Music, San Francisco Bay Area indiepoppers The Corner Laughers invite listeners to gather in their summer-solstice 2012 release ‘Poppy Seeds’. The record is a shimmering love letter to the Golden State, offering the clever wordplay, magical melodies and heartbreaking harmonies fans and critics have come to expect from the group while breaking new ground in focus, depth and texture. The band is led by singer/ukulele player Karla Kane, with bassist Khoi Huynh, drummer Charlie Crabtree, and guitarists KC Bowman and co-founder Angela Silletto, who made the poignant decision to leave the band midway through the recording of the album to pursue a new path, away from her native California. Their sound defies pigeonholes but has been compared to that of Kirsty MacColl, XTC and, despite some sunshine-pop tendencies, the “rainy melancholia” of Camera Obscura (Magnet Magazine). Produced by Allen Clapp (The Orange Peels), Poppy Seeds also features collaborations with powerpop legend Mike Viola (Candy Butchers) and psych-pop expat Anton Barbeau.

Via Coma
Formed in 2009, Via Coma consists of Rob Marshall (vocalist/bassist/lyricist), Jesse Kyle (vocalist/pianist), and Nicolas Gracia (vocalist/guitarist). The band release their first demo, Bridges, in 2009, which saw two pressing and is currently sold out physically but still available through iTunes.

In the summer of 2010, Via Coma began writing their first full-length album. The sound of the yet to be release record is a departure as well as an expansion from the sound of Bridges. Over the course of writing and recording, Via Coma developed a knack for song craftsmanship, melody and sonic nuance; qualities one rarely hears in the same package.




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19 07 2012
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