On Baghdad by the Bay, June 7th at 8pm; Live performance by Spidermeow and interview with Vandella

7 06 2012

Stream the show archive Or download the MP3.

Spidermeow is a psychedelic alt-country trio from Oakland that melds art-rock and americana. Combining dedication to songcraft with an extrapolative improvisational outlook, the music is informed by the disparate yet organically consonant background of the the three main participants. Singer songwriter and guitarist Anthony Pulsipher was raised in east Tennesee , more interested in SST bands and LSD than country music. His lead guitar is informed by years of Transcendental meditation and red meat. Ron Guensche is the prodigal Pleasanton boy. The hi-fi whiz of the band, he can build a bass guitar from scratch using nothing more than a coffee table and a drawer of twist ties. Ivel Raival’s native Indonesia is a nation of islands and the laid back lava of the drums reflects the sublime heat he brings to the party. Spidermeow is more band than beast, a philosophy of action Formed in 2009 they are finishing their 2nd album. Expected for release early fall 2012.

In the best kind of way, Vandella can be a tough band to pin down. A 4-piece, female-fronted band from San Francisco, their music takes listeners from the gulches of swampy, guitar-driven rock and the dusty twang of Americana to the amber honey of country-tinged folk. The result is an eclectic library that’s fresh yet somehow familiar. In their three years together, the tight-knit group has come a long way: 2009 saw the release of the V EP, with the band working up the ranks of the local music scene to earn bills at San Francisco staples such as Great American Music Hall, Bottom of the Hill, and Café du Nord, to name a few. Two West Coast tours and spots on coveted bills and festivals with nationally-touring acts followed. Set to release their debut full-length album, Fire in the Desert, in May 2012 and embark on yet another tour, the foursome is hard at work and looks to be having a hell of a time doing it.




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19 07 2012
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