On Baghdad by the Bay, June 28; Interview with Corner Laughers and Via Coma

28 06 2012

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Corner Laughers
Fresh from the fields of Mystery Lawn Music, San Francisco Bay Area indiepoppers The Corner Laughers invite listeners to gather in their summer-solstice 2012 release ‘Poppy Seeds’. The record is a shimmering love letter to the Golden State, offering the clever wordplay, magical melodies and heartbreaking harmonies fans and critics have come to expect from the group while breaking new ground in focus, depth and texture. The band is led by singer/ukulele player Karla Kane, with bassist Khoi Huynh, drummer Charlie Crabtree, and guitarists KC Bowman and co-founder Angela Silletto, who made the poignant decision to leave the band midway through the recording of the album to pursue a new path, away from her native California. Their sound defies pigeonholes but has been compared to that of Kirsty MacColl, XTC and, despite some sunshine-pop tendencies, the “rainy melancholia” of Camera Obscura (Magnet Magazine). Produced by Allen Clapp (The Orange Peels), Poppy Seeds also features collaborations with powerpop legend Mike Viola (Candy Butchers) and psych-pop expat Anton Barbeau.

Via Coma
Formed in 2009, Via Coma consists of Rob Marshall (vocalist/bassist/lyricist), Jesse Kyle (vocalist/pianist), and Nicolas Gracia (vocalist/guitarist). The band release their first demo, Bridges, in 2009, which saw two pressing and is currently sold out physically but still available through iTunes.

In the summer of 2010, Via Coma began writing their first full-length album. The sound of the yet to be release record is a departure as well as an expansion from the sound of Bridges. Over the course of writing and recording, Via Coma developed a knack for song craftsmanship, melody and sonic nuance; qualities one rarely hears in the same package.

On Baghdad by the Bay, June 21th at 8pm; Interview with Hooray for Everything, Caldecott, Cool Ghouls, Future Twin

20 06 2012

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Hooray for Everything
Hooray for Everything is a loud, melodic, and energetic female-fronted punk band from the East Bay. Core members Faith Gardner (guitar and vox) and Jamie Sanitate (drums) have played in many different bands, together and separate, and HFE is their latest incarnation together. HFE has been around for about five years and their current bassist is longtime friend Matt Peterson from Tucson, Arizona. Their music is influenced by and/or has been compared to The Wipers, Husker Du, Team Dresch, The Big Boys, and even Black Sabbath amongst many others. HFE’s releases include a 2009 self-titled full length CD and a 2011 split 7″ with Angries from Corvallis, Oregon, and plan to record a second full-length in the near future. Other HFE achievements include time and interplanetary travel, the resurrection and destruction of the Cyclops race, baking excellent pies, and writing unprofessional bios about their band.

Caldecott is an organically grown band of working men based in Oakland, creating music based on experiences in the Bay Area and beyond. Each aspect of Caldecott contributes a unique and essential taste in music, which is shaped into something all communities can appreciate. The group takes any opportunity to build beautiful melodies and foot-stomping rhythms for everyone that understands passionate music and good times.

Cool Ghouls
Cool Ghouls began as a prenatal brain child between high school classmates, Pat McDonald and Pat Thomas back in 2007. Originally called The Patricks, the band was hatched between the two Pats while McDonald was a freshman at SF State and Thomas was a freshman at UC Santa Barbara. They emailed each other demos and extolled the merits and virtues of rock n roll until Thomas finished school in 2010 and moved home to Benicia, a half hour Northeast of SF.
They started jamming at Pat’s practice space on 6th and Market and enlisted fellow Benicia native, Ryan Wong to supply the tunes with ripping guitar solos. The Pats remembered Ryan from high school as that younger guy who could shred way harder than both of them combined. Pat got SF State classmate and good-timing New Jerseyite, Cody Voorhees to play drums. Thomas, McDonald, and Wong all came up with some catchy tunes. They practiced harmonies. They developed musical telepathy. They drank beer and malt liquor. They started realizing they sounded pretty good. Pat watched a Parliament Funkadelic concert film and heard George Clinton say, “How you cool ghouls doing tonight?” They called the band Cool Ghouls.

Future Twins
Future Twin was originally brought together by the first all girl moped gang in San Francisco, The Lockits. They became fast friends and were soon waxing synth songs, huffing gasoline and making shred tents. Now consisting of Jean Jeanie (gtr/vox/field recordings), Antonio Roman-Alcala (drums), Jo Bleak (rhythm & bass), and Dan DK (synths & bass), their music juxtaposes a tangible beauty with an honest grit that can only come from a band birthed and breathing in San Francisco’s Mission District. The band has announced the dual release date of July 31st for the new Resist 7″ as well as Future Twin Deluxe Edition, a limited edition cd release combining the new 7″ along with the 5-song EP/cassette Situation. The single “Situation” is available for free download, and the video for “Landslide” was premiered by Impose recently. The band will be playing San Francisco this summer, and will also be hitting Brooklyn, NY for a pair of shows as well.

On Baghdad by the Bay, June 7th at 8pm; Live performance by Spidermeow and interview with Vandella

7 06 2012

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Spidermeow is a psychedelic alt-country trio from Oakland that melds art-rock and americana. Combining dedication to songcraft with an extrapolative improvisational outlook, the music is informed by the disparate yet organically consonant background of the the three main participants. Singer songwriter and guitarist Anthony Pulsipher was raised in east Tennesee , more interested in SST bands and LSD than country music. His lead guitar is informed by years of Transcendental meditation and red meat. Ron Guensche is the prodigal Pleasanton boy. The hi-fi whiz of the band, he can build a bass guitar from scratch using nothing more than a coffee table and a drawer of twist ties. Ivel Raival’s native Indonesia is a nation of islands and the laid back lava of the drums reflects the sublime heat he brings to the party. Spidermeow is more band than beast, a philosophy of action Formed in 2009 they are finishing their 2nd album. Expected for release early fall 2012.

In the best kind of way, Vandella can be a tough band to pin down. A 4-piece, female-fronted band from San Francisco, their music takes listeners from the gulches of swampy, guitar-driven rock and the dusty twang of Americana to the amber honey of country-tinged folk. The result is an eclectic library that’s fresh yet somehow familiar. In their three years together, the tight-knit group has come a long way: 2009 saw the release of the V EP, with the band working up the ranks of the local music scene to earn bills at San Francisco staples such as Great American Music Hall, Bottom of the Hill, and Café du Nord, to name a few. Two West Coast tours and spots on coveted bills and festivals with nationally-touring acts followed. Set to release their debut full-length album, Fire in the Desert, in May 2012 and embark on yet another tour, the foursome is hard at work and looks to be having a hell of a time doing it.