On Baghdad by the Bay, May 10th at 8pm: Interview with White Cloud, Rin Tin Tiger, Disappearing People

10 05 2012

Stream the show
Or download the MP3

White Cloud
WHITE CLOUD has been playing in the Bay Area for 3 years, from major venues and art shows, to warehouses, even an old AC Transit Bus outside of Ashby BART. Formed in the Fruitvale area of Oakland, with the intent to merge the various members musical interests, which range from Neu!, Aphex Twin, Syd Barrett, Faust, Love, Sonic Youth to name just a couple. With the first official EP coming out in the next following months (recorded at the historic Different Fur Studios, and by the band), it follows a loose concept of a schizophrenic time traveler. WHITE CLOUD consists of James Murphy (drums, vocals) Shiv Mehra (guitar,bass, vocals) Patrick Vacchio (bass, guitar, keys) and Nicolas Capello (vocals, guitar, bass, keys)

photo by Anna Larina
Rin Tin Tiger
Rin Tin Tiger is an alternative folk rock trio from San Francisco, CA. High energy, lyric heavy, dynamic music lead by an acoustic guitar. Essentially, a group of condemned little brehs.”Upbeat Dylan-esque tunes…these guys bear watching” – SF Weekly

Disappearing People
Disappearing People are a new two-piece lo-fi group out of Oakland comprised of drummer Landon Monroe Bates and vocalist/guitarist Scott Travis Johnston. The duo have just put out their first cassette release Dissolve (2) which was self-recorded and then mastered by Greg Ashley (of Gris Gris). The six-song release is full of lengthy lo-fi psych tracks with whirling reverberated vocals over dark, grungy and hazy guitars and loops.




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