Tonight on Baghdad by the Bay, May 3rd at 8pm; Interviews with Devotionals, Ghost & the City, Worth Taking

3 05 2012

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Devotionals is a humble exploration of existence, the time bound-less ache upon awakening, a rumination on the composition of the everyday breath. Based around the compositions of Tyson Vogel, the band constantly evolves into a gathering of universes built by the presences of Jeff Blair, Lewis Patzner, Emily Ritz, Erin Wang, Andrew Maguire, Joanna Blanche Lioce, Alfred Ramos. Giving a nod of reverence to what has come in forms of Rachmaninov to John Fahey, to the unknown echos of the street musician, these songs a midwife to the gravity of a heart and the ache to understand.

Ghost and the City
In 2008, Oakland based collective, Ghost & the City, tested the waters with their debut self titled album, followed strongly by their second release Sazerac – the name for a whiskey drink that takes a different approach to an old-fashioned. Delightfully appropriate considering the style of music Ghost plays is a reassembly of the past. This summer the collective is releasing a series of singles and remixes produced by the Bay Area’s finest and made available for free download via And remember, respect the bowtie.

Worth Taking
Not one for idle hands, Worth Taking’s Jerod McBrayer has an unquenchable thirst for creating catchy songs for himself as well as others. When he’s not mastering tracks for well known musicians around the country, Jerod is touring the states with any of the numerous groups he contributes to (Treephort, E For Explosion, and The Home Alones… just to name a few) or on Festivals such as Cornerstone.




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