On Baghdad by the Bay, April 5th, 8pm; Interview with Slow Moving Lions of the Vegetable World, Young Digerati and 8th Grader

5 04 2012

Listen to the archive stream: or download the MP3.

Slow Moving Lions of the Vegetable World

There are many ways to make Slow Moving Lions, and they will all keep you equally buzzed. Here are some common methods:
3 parts strings: 1 part saw
3 parts ohio born: 1 part oakland
3 parts xy: 1 part xx
3 parts berkeley: 1 part west oakland
3 parts carless: 1 part van owning
3 parts tobacco: 1 part non-smoking
3 parts folk: 1 part punk
3 parts love stories: 1 part drinking songs

Young Digerati are the architects of a synth-heavy, Anglo-centric, (small “r”) romantic sound that could have been built only in San Francisco (or in 1985). So it’s no shock they’ve already scored airplay on their hometown’s influential Live 105 – or that they’ve been booked on the station’s BFD Festival and on DJ Aaron Axelsen’s legendary “Britpop” night Popscene.

The prototypical Young D tune features lushly programmed keyboards and guitars, layered over live drums and bass. It inevitably stars a girl whom the band clearly will never get, and guys with whom they’ll never quite fit in. “Why do the girls I like move to the South to start a brand new life?” That’s the ego-crushing query that crops up in the very first line of the debut single, The Dauphin. The band’s expanding cycle of songs consistently and un-self-consciously calls to mind the Pet Shop Boys collaborating with the Postal Service on the soundtrack to a lost John Hughes film. They’re currently writing, recording, and performing gigs on the West Coast and around the Bay Area.

8th Grader
Singer-Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, 8th Grader breathes new life into the slow jam with soulful harmonies and R & B inspired ear candy.




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