On Baghdad by the Bay, April 19th, 8PM: Interview with The Hollyhocks, Custom Kicks, Minor Kingdoms

19 04 2012

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The Hollyhocks
Dan Jewett and his pal Kristin Sobditch layer on guitar dreaminess, while bassist Yuri Jewett and Kristin share their sonic stories. The Hollyhocks will take you on a journey through a forest of lush instrumentation. Along the way, you will stumble across some pretty female harmonies and they will invite you inside to stay warm. But don’t be fooled, their lyrics are darker than you think. Good thing drummer Jason Silverio leaves behind enough beats and breadcrumbs for you to find your way back home.

After a year in the studio, The Hollyhocks, working with producer Allen Clapp (Orange Peels), have completed their debut album Understories. The album features an eclectic mix of interwoven, layered guitar combined and lush female vocal harmony that have made the Hollyhocks favorites locally. Inspired by such artists as the New Pornographers and Throwing Muses, the band took the time to sonically grow together before setting out on last year’s recording adventure with Clapp. The results are obvious as the songs range in texture and intensity, but always capture that unique hint of Oakland flavor with a pinch of optimism and a dash of darkness.

Custom Kicks
The Custom Kicks are a punk band with a power fop feel. Their sound is directly influenced by bands such as The Rezillos, The Dickies, and The Zeros. Although fronted by Guitarist, Kate McClure, all members sing in both English and Japanese. Members include Adachi Herouki on Bass (member of local acts The Pleasure Kills/Basements XOXO) Miki Kodoma on Keys (XMember of Japanese Thrash/Metal band Little Princess) and Jordan Christensen on Drums (XMember of Riverboat Gamblers) They most recently released a 7″ on Silver Sprocket.

Minor Kingdoms
Minor Kingdom was born in a Minneapolis bedroom in the fall of 2007. What started as a solo recording outlet for frontman and songwriter Kristian Melom quickly grew to a collaborative platform, housing over twenty rotating members. Assembled around a unique cast of professional musicians; the group fuses elements of post-rock, folk, and blues to create an eclectic genre they can call their own. The music has recently drawn comparisons to other artists: Wilco, Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon and Bonnie Prince Billy among others.

Over the past four years Minor Kingdom have released two albums, toured the Midwest and gained national exposure playing for local radio stations. The project has recently relocated to San Francisco, CA where Kristian is planning a solo West Coast tour to support the group’s latest release entitled “Don’t Worry Baby.”

On Baghdad by the Bay, April 12th at 8pm; Interview with TV Mike and the Scarecrows, Brian Belknap, and Cannons and Clouds

12 04 2012

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TV Mike and the Scarecrows
Gathered in kitchens with kettles and cans of aluminum lager the songs performed by this ensemble echo the limestone hills that they hail from. songs that paint simple stories of hearts and pines but with the heat of another Saturday night We have played with: tUnE-YarDs, Fruit Bats, Horse Feathers, Rafter, Beachwood Sparks, The Donkeys, Karl Blau, The Avett Brothers, The Impossible Shapes, Catfish Haven, My Morning Jacket, Awesome Cool Dudes, Drakkar Sauna, Pink Moutaintops, Minus Story, Cross Canadian Rag Weed, Trailer Bride, and many more.

Brian Belknap
Brian Belknap’s latest release, Cradle to Grave is a homemade record that benefits enormously from the fact that the home in question belongs to M Ward and She and Him producer sideman Mike Coykendall.

Coykendall was largely responsible for Belknap’s return to the music scene after a 10 year hiatus, helping him put out 2008’s Lucky Me. That album eventually came to the attention of Director Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City) who featured three of it’s songs in the new Showtime series Look! that debuted in the fall. Rifkin has called Belknap “one of the greatest singer/songwriters alive today.”

Cradle to Grave picks up where Lucky Me Left off, with Belknap in top form alternating between accordion, mandolin, slide and acoustic guitar and Coykendall bringing the same sensibility that has put him in demand by everyone from Conor Oberst and Jolie Holland to Blitzen Trapper.

Recorded live in just two days with minimal overdubs the record captures both the intensity and intimacy that makes Belknap so compelling on stage.

Cannons and Clouds
San Francisco’s Cannons and Clouds assert smartly designed, melody-forward indie rock. Their sound, both wistful and dynamic, is accentuated by slow-building acoustics, classical harp, and rich multi-part harmonies portraying unfeigned ballads and confessional narratives.

On Baghdad by the Bay, April 5th, 8pm; Interview with Slow Moving Lions of the Vegetable World, Young Digerati and 8th Grader

5 04 2012

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Slow Moving Lions of the Vegetable World

There are many ways to make Slow Moving Lions, and they will all keep you equally buzzed. Here are some common methods:
3 parts strings: 1 part saw
3 parts ohio born: 1 part oakland
3 parts xy: 1 part xx
3 parts berkeley: 1 part west oakland
3 parts carless: 1 part van owning
3 parts tobacco: 1 part non-smoking
3 parts folk: 1 part punk
3 parts love stories: 1 part drinking songs

Young Digerati are the architects of a synth-heavy, Anglo-centric, (small “r”) romantic sound that could have been built only in San Francisco (or in 1985). So it’s no shock they’ve already scored airplay on their hometown’s influential Live 105 – or that they’ve been booked on the station’s BFD Festival and on DJ Aaron Axelsen’s legendary “Britpop” night Popscene.

The prototypical Young D tune features lushly programmed keyboards and guitars, layered over live drums and bass. It inevitably stars a girl whom the band clearly will never get, and guys with whom they’ll never quite fit in. “Why do the girls I like move to the South to start a brand new life?” That’s the ego-crushing query that crops up in the very first line of the debut single, The Dauphin. The band’s expanding cycle of songs consistently and un-self-consciously calls to mind the Pet Shop Boys collaborating with the Postal Service on the soundtrack to a lost John Hughes film. They’re currently writing, recording, and performing gigs on the West Coast and around the Bay Area.

8th Grader
Singer-Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, 8th Grader breathes new life into the slow jam with soulful harmonies and R & B inspired ear candy.