On Baghdad by the Bay, February 2nd: Interview with Foxtails Brigade, Super Adventure Club, Excuses for Skipping

2 02 2012

Stream the show archive:

or download the MP3

Foxtails Brigade
Laura started Foxtails Brigade in 2006 with her friend, violinist Sivan Sadeh. She moved to San Francisco a year later, playing every club and street corner and she could find. It wasn’t long before the city started to notice. She quit her day job as a substitute teacher in 2009 and has been a full-time performer ever since, sharing stages with Jane Birkin,  Laura Veirs,  Zee Avi, Stornoway, Faun Fables, and Chris Garneau amongst others. She has collaborated with a number of talented musicians in Foxtails Brigade, including cellists Jen Grady (Emily Jane WhiteAdam Stevens), Lewis Patzner (Mates of State, Tim Kasher), Joe Lewis (Os Beaches, F-Pod B-Pod), and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Pollock (CitayBob Saggeth). Her most recent musical partner is violinist and arranger Anton Patzner of Bright Eyes and Judgement Day.

Super Adventure Club
San Francisco experimental pop duo Super Adventure Club was convened in 2007 by producer Michael Winger (Kronos Quartet, The Shins) and session drummer Jake Wood (Diego’s Umbrella, Nya Jade) to explore pop music beyond the boundaries of genre. On their debut 2009 LP Ontz for Freshmaker Records, Wood plays drums, keyboards and sings simultaneously, while Winger plays keyboards, bass guitar and handles lead vocals. Singing in four languages, the duo shifts from Talking Heads-like indie rock to electronic
dance music and beyond. Along with tours of the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest, Super Adventure Club also tours Spain, while writing and recording a second album.

Excuses for Skipping
Excuses for Skipping is a post-punk quintet from San Francisco, California. Linda Moody’s soaring vocals play out against her own distinct style of sheet metal and bike frame percussion and rhythm guitar riffs. Tammy Fortin’s lead guitar stabs and Wendy Brents’ heavy bass melodies combine to create a compelling texture that commands the room within the first note.




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