On Baghdad by the Bay, Dec 22nd at 8pm: Interview with Lady Lazarus, Victor Krummenacher, Glider

21 12 2011

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Lady Lazarus
Lady Lazarus is the solo project of Melissa Ann Sweat, a writer and artist from California, who started making music for the first time in 2008. What’s followed has been a wild and often wondrous trip.

Taken from the Sylvia Plath poem of the same name, Lady Lazarus began when Melissa started teaching herself keyboard, and writing and recording songs while living in San Francisco around March of ’08. About a year later she self-released her Home Recordings EP, and was motivated by the positive feedback and some press she received to continue making music. She played her first live shows in the summer of 2009, and began to play more and tour in the greater region.

Victor Krummenacher
Victor Krummenacher is an American musician and bass guitarist who is a founding member of alternative rock band Camper Van Beethoven. He also helped form CVB offshoots Monks of Doom and Camper Van Chadbourne and has pursued a solo career as a singer-songwriter. As a recording artist, Krummenacher has been active for more than 20 years and has appeared with numerous projects including Cracker, Fifth Business and A Great Laugh. His latest musical project is McCabe and Mrs. Miller, a new band with Alison Faith Levy, formed in 2008. 2011 saw Krummenacher continuing to work with Levy, performing a curated tribute to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska entitled “Debts No Honest Man Can Pay”, a solo album of covers called “I Was A Nightmare But I Don’t Want To Go There” and work on the first new Camper Van Beethoven recording since 2004. Victor Krummenacher was Art Director of the San Francisco Bay Guardian and is currently a page designer for Wired Magazine as well as doing freelance design work for the likes of national clients including Platon’s “Power”, a book of portraits of world leaders photographed at the general assembly of the United Nations in 2007.

Featuring Jim Bogios, David Immergluck, Yoshi Sako, and Dan Eisenberg. Glider is the brainstorm of longtime friends and musical compadres Jim Bogios (drums-Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow, Ben Folds) and David Immergluck (guitar-Counting Crows, John Hia)


On Baghdad by the Bay, Dec 15th at 8pm: Interview with Silver Swans, Bad Bibles, The Aerosols

15 12 2011

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Silver Swans
Silver Swans take their name from the group of super-villains in the Wonder Woman comic book series. The evil Swans have the ability to create a powerful “swan song” of sound waves using their voices that is capable of devouring a small area of land with its destructive force. By creating a low-level humming, the Silver Swan can also form a protective shield around herself to deflect bullets and other projectiles. The musical counterpart Silver Swans, however, are far from the evil and destruction of their namesake. The electro dream-pop project captures the haunting dramatics and the pure beauty of life and dreams to build a dynamic, exultant sound all their own.

They formed from the collaboration of DJ producer Jon Waters and songwriter Ann Yu. Both artists also have prolific backgrounds. Ann Yu has been in bands that have shared the stage with acts such as The Radio Dept, La Roux, Black Kids, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Mates of State, Jose Gonzales and many more. Jon has produced and DJ’d all over the world. But with all of the experience the duo decided to take a different route when it comes to creating music together. Silver Swans puts a special meaning to the idea of bedroom recordings. All tracks were recorded in late night sessions hidden under covers, in their bathrooms, and right before bed. The songs you hear are a reflection of the dreams they’ve uncovered and hope to discover.

Bad BIbles
Bad Bibles emerged as a fully formed post-punk / left-field garage rock unit in March 2011. Less than a year into their musical life, Bad Bibles are generating word-of-mouth buzz for their dynamic, physical stage shows and weirdly memorable songs. Bad Bibles will be releasing their official debut EP of new material in early 2012.

The Aerosols
The Aerosols are a San Francisco music group who play hard candy pop for bent melody enthusiasts. When they plug in their instruments you might at first think you were hit by soft space junk, but that’s just the sound check. They delight in whooshing the audience away with their catching songs that will take you through some unexpected turns before setting you back down on your feet. The four-piece sings songs about being made in China, fake mirrors, a girl so far gone she might be back, and space-travel via chewing gum. These are ballad boppers for people who want to get up and get out. Also for those who like to smile and nod. Whoosh!

On Baghdad by the Bay, Dec 8th at 8pm: Interview with Tidelands, Gypsy Moonlight, Slow Trucks

8 12 2011

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Tidelands is the duo of San Francisco’s Gabriel Montana Leis(Guitar, Flugelhorn, Vocals) and Mie Araki (Drums, Keyboards, Vocals). Sharp, poignant, poetic lyrics are uniquely arranged with looped guitars, Moog bass and beautiful harmonies on the duo’s debut album, If…, to be released July 26th, 2011. Taking cues from their combined multi-cultural backgrounds, Leis and Araki have created a texturally rich record that speaks to their collectively deep and unique life experiences.

Gypsy Moonlight
Gypsy Moonlight Band was formed in San Francisco in late 2009 around the songwriting of singer/guitar player Jeremy Lyn Kimzey.  Starting out as a mainly acoustic band, it quickly transformed over the course of  a couple of lineup changes and the addition of lead guitar player/singer/songwriter Chris Guthridge, into a much fuller electric band. They joined together with drummer Shea Roberts and bass player Walker Phillips and the core lineup solidified. The addition of Eli Pearl on pedal steel, Rachel Hoiem on keys, and Tex Dworkin singing co-lead, brought all the sweetness and authenticity one needs. Together they have created a soulful, rocking, Southern-flavored sound with a vibe that is 100% California.

Slow Trucks
Does “Gimme Indie Rock” by Sebadoh make you smile? If it does (and it should), then consider Slow Trucks the next generation, rolling with this old school shit, making it their own, and ultimately making indie rock fun again. When did things get so serious? Yeah, there’s room for bands with 2/3 time-signatures, French horns and yelpy vocals, but sometimes a hook cranked through a big muff pedal, liquid bass lines and a pummeling backbeat just sounds right. Energetic, uncomplicated and infectious, Slow Trucks are musical comfort food, perfect for those of us who still occasionally break out that Treepeople CD or fantasize about an Archers of Loaf reunion.