On Baghdad by the Bay, October 6th: Interview with Burnt Ones, Dandelion War and Generalissimo

6 10 2011

Stream the show archive:
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Burnt Ones

Dandelion War
Repeatedly described as “Explosions in the Sky with vocals,” San Francisco’s The Dandelion War is working to shake the post-rock label and find another cliche to cling to. Mixing reverb-drenched guitars and vocals, occasionally frenetic drums, and, yes, a healthy dose of loud-quiet-loud dynamics, the bands crafts songs that take their time and fill up the soundstage. The Dandelion War’s first album, Geometries and Orchids, was released in the summer of 2010 to a healthy dose of critical praise. A video for “Sui Generis,” exploring the immigrant experience, also created a substantial online buzz.

Described as “the Inglourious Basterds of the Bay Area rock scene” (SF Examiner) and “left-wing fascists” (The Stranger), Generalissimo blend utopian impulse and ruthless pragmatism to create a sound that is “cold, aggressive, and mildly unsettling” (East Bay Express). Generalissimo’s bailiwick is tension and their oppressive manhandling of noisy, post-punk chaos testifies to an unmitigated mastery in that domain. Generalissimo are architects of sound and they will build their Neobrutalist Rock Monument to Order over the graves of noble apathy and limp tolerance.




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