On Baghdad by the Bay, Sept 29th at 8pm: Interview with Tiger Club, The Gems and Valerie Orth

28 09 2011

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The Tiger Club
The Tiger Club is just that. An exclusive club you’re in. The Tiger Club is a state of mind; beautiful, witty, otherworldly and always well dressed, we believe everything wonderful ever said about us. If the names Mancini, Alpert, Booker T, Jobim, Ventures, and Bacharach mean anything to you, you’re already in The Tiger Club. If not, you’re in for a treat. Your inner voice is saying stuff like “cool, yeah, mildly provocative”. You’re a member of The Tiger Club. Welcome, Willkomen, …

The Gems
The Gems (ex-Bomber, members of Early Graves) are a no-bullshit rock and roll band that will make you rethink a few things. What makes The Gems so resonant is not the music but rather the common but annihilating emotions that fuel them: It’s the clash between vulnerability and indifference that transpires after The Gems play that is so savage. Realism with the terror of actual experience. The most frightening truths about this rock and roll band rarely exist in the physical, but instead live in the intangible yet indelible wounds created in the psyche. Go try to find that on the Internet.

Valerie Orth
The San Francisco Chronicle writes, “There is an honesty to Valerie Orth’s music that is both brilliant and heartbreaking,” and the San Francisco Bay Guardian describes her as “sexy, soulful, genuine, and edgy.” Valerie’s dynamic range as a performer is made all the more compelling by what the East Bay Express calls a “completely intuitive composition style.” Valerie is backed by punk-rocker and food scientist, Veronika Safarova on bass, and jazz genius and power player, Jeff Marrs on drums, both singing gorgeous and haunting harmonies. Fearless and genre-bending, Valerie and her band deliver a distinctive hybrid of rock, groove, soul, and funk while consistently captivating and charming their audiences.

On Baghdad by the Bay, September 22nd: Interview with Tied to the Branches, Ventid and Angel Island

22 09 2011

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Tied to the Branches
Straight out of the dense fog of the Bay Area, Marc Manning, Brad DerManouelian and Justin Wasterlain are Tied to the Branches. Committed to stirring every speck of dust into their swirling caldron of sound, Tied to the Branches create fuzz, reverb, echo heavy, feedback laden, psych rock / shoe gaze anthems. Ghostly and hushed vocals blend in with howling feedback, ominous bass and chilly delay soaked electronic drums describing a world of spirits, monsters, and ghosts.

Ventid in no way endorses moving to San Francisco from 3 different corners of the U.S. (New England, Southeast, & SoCal) and forming a band via an anonymous Craigslist posting in 2009. Nor does Ventid condone the natural union of 4 music vets with past projects as divergent as math rock, film music, traditional Arabic music, indie folk, post rock, bluegrass, surf, classical, metal, punk, and R&B. Ventid cannot, with a clear conscience, recommend music alternating from intricate to sparse, melodic to raw, organic to experimental, with a penchant for finding the natural groove in a tune that switches between 7 & 8 each bar. Ventid does not support naming a band after an acronym for oxygen toxicity.

Angel Island
Piling lay­ers upon lay­ers of imagery, Justin Gold­man cre­ates a lyri­cal world not unlike a Dylan-esque acid trip (if Bobby wrote more songs about girls, anyway). Gold­man fronts the San Francisco-based band Angel Island, lay­ing bare his emo­tions with painfully auto­bi­o­graph­i­cal lyrics one moment before build­ing up walls of psy­che­delic metaphor to hide behind next. Joined by gui­tarist and multi-instrumentalist Pas­cal Gar­neau and Robert Jakubs on drums, Angel Island has a sound that echoes with 20th cen­tury rock and pop as if fil­tered through each decade, pick­ing up strange bed­fel­lows along the way. A 6/8 dance­hall bal­lad sud­denly shifts into nineties shoe-gazer ter­ri­tory and fin­ishes with a Moog syn­the­sizer solo that would make Linda McCart­ney blush—all in one song last­ing under three minutes.

On Baghdad by the Bay, September 15: Interview with Annie Bacon, Erin Brazill and Two-Headed Spy

14 09 2011

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Annie Bacon
For me music is a way of resisting the tide that urges towards blind consumption not just of things but of ideas and lifestyles meant to imprison us in complacency. in creativity/creation we find the antidote to war, to genocide, to injustice, intolerance. we find ways to empathize with our enemies, and to gently criticize our lovers. for me it is how I explain to myself all that is unexplainable. it is my direct line to the divine.

Erin Brazill
I was born and raised in California and was fairly entrenched in music, community theatre, and poetry writing as a very little girl and through college. I studied classical piano and voice in college as well as literature and creative writing. After college I moved to San Francisco and worked in jazz clubs in North Beach in SF bartending, booking bands, immersing myself in jazz and writing constantly and glamorously with great beatnik flourish in little journals stashed behind the bar. In the past 5 years I have been lucky enough to play with very talented, creative and generous people who stir their musical gifts and ideas into the songs. We play original compositions I have written reflecting upon my time in San Francisco, my rural child hood and travels, as well as a few well loved or unusual covers here and there.

Two-Headed Spy
Born in San Francisco in the post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland of Hunters Point Shipyard in 2006, Two Headed spy isculmination of chance meetings, long friendships,past experiences and pure luck that has resulted in a sound that can best be described as alternative post grunge rock with qualities that have evolved from five years of playing the dankest bars in San Francisco and beyond. With longtime friends and true partners in crime Trent temple on guitar and vocals, Matt Jarrell on Bass and vocals and Troy Arajs on Drums, THS brings over 300 years of combined experience to rock and roll badassness.So let’s get real, bring your helmets and athletic supports of all varieties (M/F) and prepare yourself for the cyclic revolution of that hook-laden, bass-heavy, drum-pounding, melodic, guitar-driven rock and roll sound you crave so much that comes hitherto reincarnated in the form of Two Headed Spy. “Club Hong Kong” will be released in conjunction with the Victims Family, Two Headed Spy CD release show at Café Du Nord, Friday September 30th.