On Baghdad by the Bay, August 3rd: Interview with La Corde, Waldo Astoria, Wet Illustrated

4 08 2011

Stream the show archive:
Or download the MP3

La Corde

La Corde’s dark, delay drenched punk provides a soundtrack to nuclear meltdowns, global recession, toxic southern swells, and artificial respiration. They’ve toured from Tijuana to Vancouver, playing shows with Defektors, Cat Party, Arctic Flowers, Face the Rail, Rank / Xerox, and Airfix Kits. Reviews of their 2010 self-titled EP drew comparisons from the Wipers to Hot Guts to Sex Church. Resurrection Records will put out their split EP with Costa Mesa’s Cat Party later this month, with another EP heading for the streets in September 2011 on Pyrrhic Victory Records.

Waldo Astoria

Waldo Astoria is Michael Lim and Kern Haug. Michael plays guitar and sings, Kern plays drums. When writing songs, Mike is Waldo, Kern is Astoria. When being people, Kern is Waldo, Mike is Astoria. The juxtapositions are Waldo Astoria.

Wet Illustrated




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