On Baghdad by the Bay; July 28: Interview with Ragnhild Zeigler, True Margrit

28 07 2011

Stream the show archive:
Or download the MP3

Ragnhild Zeigler

Ragnhild Zeigler is a Norwegian singer songwriter and sawplayer. She is currently travelling through the united states to discuss politics as well as promote her debut album “I don’t speak cat” released under the name The Bee’s Niece. Ragnhild studied music and established herself as a musician in Manchester, UK which is also where she met her fellow musicians in The Bee’s Niece. Research shows that her songs are quite pleasant to listen to and surprisingly good for hang overs.

True Margrit

Ever since moving to San Francisco from Knoxville, TN, piano-player / singer/ songwriter Margrit Eichler has been in a continuous loop of gigs, adventures, and misadventures in the Bay Area–and up and down the west coast ( and beyond) releasing 5 albums under the True Margrit banner. The lineup for the past 8 years ( nobody has spontaneously combusted!) is Eichler on vox & keys, Andrew Bacon on drums, Gary Hobish on bass. This trio has been generating buzz with their exuberant piano-humping shows, with their 2005 release, “Seaworthy”, and 2010’s: “The Juggler’s Progress”, and with their much-viewed video.




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