On Baghdad by the Bay; July 14: Interview with White Cloud and Lord Loves a Working Man

13 07 2011

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White Cloud
WHITE CLOUD was formed about 3 years ago in the Fruitvale area of Oakland, California. They are four friends who have consistently made music that is not only a spewing of their influences but also bleeds of their cultural heritage, and take shape in their day dreams. While growing musically, they have had the honor to share the stage with acts such as Dum Dum Girls (subpop), Crocodiles (fat possum) Max Tundra (domino) Tuung (Thrill Jockey) Clipd Beaks (Lovepump) Wooden Birds (barsuk) amongst others. Their influences vary from classical master Arnold Schoenberg, to Spacemen 3, dub maestro King Tubby and hip hop boss Rick Ro$$, along with painters, and writers from Mark Twain to Heironimous Bosch

Lord Loves a Working Man
Bay Area based LORD LOVES A WORKING MAN is a 10-piece group inspired by the raw and emotive sound of the Southern Soul shouters and horn-driven R&B of the late 1960’s. Mixing originals with obscure and originally arranged covers, LLAWM puts everything they got into respectfully invoking the spirit of this classic genre while giving it their own distinct voice. In 2008, the band was honored with the award for “Best Local R&B/Funk Act” by the SF Weekly:
“…our steamy but sweet fantasies of soulful early 1960’s amour now have a soundtrack: Lord Loves A Working Man, they pour their hearts out in songs that make audience members alternately work up a sweat and hold each other very very close” -SF Weekly




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