On Baghdad by the Bay; July 28: Interview with Ragnhild Zeigler, True Margrit

28 07 2011

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Ragnhild Zeigler

Ragnhild Zeigler is a Norwegian singer songwriter and sawplayer. She is currently travelling through the united states to discuss politics as well as promote her debut album “I don’t speak cat” released under the name The Bee’s Niece. Ragnhild studied music and established herself as a musician in Manchester, UK which is also where she met her fellow musicians in The Bee’s Niece. Research shows that her songs are quite pleasant to listen to and surprisingly good for hang overs.

True Margrit

Ever since moving to San Francisco from Knoxville, TN, piano-player / singer/ songwriter Margrit Eichler has been in a continuous loop of gigs, adventures, and misadventures in the Bay Area–and up and down the west coast ( and beyond) releasing 5 albums under the True Margrit banner. The lineup for the past 8 years ( nobody has spontaneously combusted!) is Eichler on vox & keys, Andrew Bacon on drums, Gary Hobish on bass. This trio has been generating buzz with their exuberant piano-humping shows, with their 2005 release, “Seaworthy”, and 2010’s: “The Juggler’s Progress”, and with their much-viewed video.

On Baghdad by the Bay; July 21: Interview with Tippy Canoe & the Paddlemen, Mist and Mast, Case in Theory

20 07 2011

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Tippy Canoe & the Paddlemen
Originally from Baltimore and now based in sunny Oakland, songbird and solo uke-slinger/guitarist, Tippy Canoe (Michele Kappel-Stone), made the switch from a 5-piece drum kit with the garage-pop princesses The Kirby Grips (Sympathy For The Record Industry), to a 4-stringed ukulele in 2003. In 2009 she upped the string count and added guitarist to her resume. She’s on a mission to bring sincere uplift in a severely down-slanted era by spreading her hook-laden pop-meets-roots music.

Mist and Mast
Mist and Mast is the new project created by Jason Lakis who had previously released three albums under the name The Red Thread (on the Badman Recording Co. label). This is a mostly one man project recorded by Jason with the exception of a couple of keyboard and guitar parts provided by others. Our first reaction to Mist and Mast…is that this music seems a good deal more focused than the last couple of Red Thread albums that we heard. And that is a good thing…because it means Jason is allowing his music to take him into new and different territories. This self-titled album features nine tracks of thoughtful, slightly odd progressive pop. The soft, subdued vocals work remarkably well within the framework of these intricately arranged tunes. This doesn’t sound like an album created to sell units…but rather an artistic creation in which Lakis is simply transferring his thoughts and feelings into music. Pensive, thoughtful cuts include “Turn Into the Turn,” “Campfire Went Out,” “Glass Tiles,” and “Price of Fevers.”

Case in Theory
Case in Theory (CIT) is a San Jose, Calif.-based alternative-rock band that draws most of its influence from life, love, and everyday lessons. The band’s sound combines climactic choruses with spacey intoxicating verses backed by a hard-hitting hip-hop/funk-influenced rhythm section. Some might say that CIT’s music reminds them of space travel and/or epic beach sunsets. They have been compared to other eclectic acts such as Incubus, Dredg, Circa Survive, Mute Math, etc. Take a chance and join the diverse group of music lovers that have been touched by their work and come up with your own opinion.

On Baghdad by the Bay; July 14: Interview with White Cloud and Lord Loves a Working Man

13 07 2011

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White Cloud
WHITE CLOUD was formed about 3 years ago in the Fruitvale area of Oakland, California. They are four friends who have consistently made music that is not only a spewing of their influences but also bleeds of their cultural heritage, and take shape in their day dreams. While growing musically, they have had the honor to share the stage with acts such as Dum Dum Girls (subpop), Crocodiles (fat possum) Max Tundra (domino) Tuung (Thrill Jockey) Clipd Beaks (Lovepump) Wooden Birds (barsuk) amongst others. Their influences vary from classical master Arnold Schoenberg, to Spacemen 3, dub maestro King Tubby and hip hop boss Rick Ro$$, along with painters, and writers from Mark Twain to Heironimous Bosch

Lord Loves a Working Man
Bay Area based LORD LOVES A WORKING MAN is a 10-piece group inspired by the raw and emotive sound of the Southern Soul shouters and horn-driven R&B of the late 1960’s. Mixing originals with obscure and originally arranged covers, LLAWM puts everything they got into respectfully invoking the spirit of this classic genre while giving it their own distinct voice. In 2008, the band was honored with the award for “Best Local R&B/Funk Act” by the SF Weekly:
“…our steamy but sweet fantasies of soulful early 1960’s amour now have a soundtrack: Lord Loves A Working Man, they pour their hearts out in songs that make audience members alternately work up a sweat and hold each other very very close” -SF Weekly


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