On Baghdad by the Bay; June 23: Interview with Two Headed Spy

23 06 2011

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Two Headed Spy
The case of three strapping young gentlemen that call themselves Two Headed Spy is quite curious and intriguing indeed. Birthed in their current form by a chance meeting, their connection after 5 years of playing the dankest bars in San Francisco is unmistakable. Ready to take the stage, these lads have something to offer you the listener, you the fan, you the music lover, you the guy in the back corner: Rock and roll. High-stakes, fast-paced energy-driven music so good if they dared play a flawless set the heavens would ascend on the land below and destroy an area approximately 1 km in diameter from their exact position at the given time. So let’s get real, bring your helmets and athletic supports of all varieties (M/F) and prepare yourself for the cyclic revolution of that hook-laden, bass-heavy, drum-pounding, melodic, guitar-driven rock and roll sound you crave so much that comes hitherto reincarnated in the form of Two Headed Spy.




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