On Baghdad by the Bay; June 23: Interview with Two Headed Spy

23 06 2011

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Two Headed Spy
The case of three strapping young gentlemen that call themselves Two Headed Spy is quite curious and intriguing indeed. Birthed in their current form by a chance meeting, their connection after 5 years of playing the dankest bars in San Francisco is unmistakable. Ready to take the stage, these lads have something to offer you the listener, you the fan, you the music lover, you the guy in the back corner: Rock and roll. High-stakes, fast-paced energy-driven music so good if they dared play a flawless set the heavens would ascend on the land below and destroy an area approximately 1 km in diameter from their exact position at the given time. So let’s get real, bring your helmets and athletic supports of all varieties (M/F) and prepare yourself for the cyclic revolution of that hook-laden, bass-heavy, drum-pounding, melodic, guitar-driven rock and roll sound you crave so much that comes hitherto reincarnated in the form of Two Headed Spy.

On Baghdad by the Bay; June 16: Interview with Elle Niño

16 06 2011

Elle Niño
In late 2008, somewhere between an abandoned lot and a taqueria, four individuals converged in an East Oakland living room to form Elle Niño. Unpredictable like the weather, Elle Niño incorporates sexy-falsetto vocals, lesbo-erotic lyrics, deep electronic beats, 80s synths, and indie guitars. Drawing from synth-pop, new wave, and electro-funk, Elle Niño’s style has been likened to Prince, the Yeah YeahYeahs and LCD Soundsystem.

With coordinated outfits and synchronized dance moves, Elle Niño’s live performances have consistently succeeded in creating a sweaty, pulsating, and irresistible dance floor.

Elle Niño has been featured on XLR8R.com, KALW radio, Pirate Cat Radio, The San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Noise music blog, SF Chronicle’s Off the Record blog, SFstation.com, RVCA’s San Francisco blog, SFIndieFashion.com and more. Unlike many electronic artists, Elle Nino takes pride in performing their music with live instruments. Everything you hear is live, no loops or staring into laptops. Elle Nino is currently working on their second EP and playing shows up and down the West Coast.

June 9th: Interviews with Here Come the Saviours, Steve Taylor and The Resurrection Men

8 06 2011

Listen to the show archive! Part 1 and Part 2 (Due to a server issue, the second half of the show recording was cut short)

Here Come the Saviours
Long time friends Jake, Marc and Steve always seemed to be in separate bands (Smiler, The Stratford 4, The Otherside) but never in the same band together until 2010.  Add an intense and driving drummer… Susan…  And that’s it… Here Come the Saviours.

Marc and Susan bounce between keyboard bass and analogue drums, electric bass and electronic drums seamlessly, and layers and layers of swirly bent guitar tones emanate from Jake’s long time shoegazing roots.  Steve’s lazy vocal snarl floats melodies over a wall of fuzzy sounds while adding his own angular post punk guitar work.  Nothing small about it… it moves you like early MBV, gets dark like Joy Division, and is expressively loud in the best of ways.

Steve Taylor
With a sound steeped in the sunlit tones of Laurel Canyon, the mid 60’s pop and R&B of the Brill Building, and the lo-fi synths of early prog rock, Oakland resident Steve Taylor is equal parts folk troubadour and blue-eyed soul balladeer. A multi-instrumentalist with a surprisingly diverse background, including stints in black gospel churches, improvisational math rock duos, and Oakland band Rogue Wave, he’s recently collaborated with members of Yeasayer, Vetiver, and Fruit Bats.

Now back from tour, he is recording a followup to his latest release, “Has The Size of The Road Got The Better of You?”, which was recorded by Aaron Prellwitz (Neil Young and Crazy Horse) and Jay Pellicci (Deerhoof) at the venerable Tiny Telephone Studio in SF. Layering acoustic guitars with vintage organs, pianos, analog synthesizers, and dead drums, he creates a sound that’s both modern and thoroughly informed by 70’s AM rock.

The Resurrection Men
For the past three years, The Resurrection Men have performed across Northern California, putting on consistently fun, dynamic, and unusually sweaty shows. Recent shows include Bottom of the Hill, Rickshaw Stop, and Hotel Utah in San Francisco and Harlow’s in Sacramento. Their sound can best be described as rock infused pop, with strong punk sensibilities. While they are often compared to bands such as The Killers, Kings of Leon, and The Who, they would be happiest to considered this generation’s Muppets.

When they’re not playing music, they can be usually be found eating pupusas in the Mission, pizza in SoMa, sandwiches in Dolores Park, or dumplings in the Richmond.

Their recently released self-titled EP can be picked up at shows or found on iTunes.