May 26th: Hanging out with The Frail and Sporting Life

27 05 2011

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The Frail
Recently named the best up-and-coming act in San Francisco by Deli Magazine, The Frail has already been featured on MTV, won the viewer’s choice award in Owl Magazine’s “Video Makes The Radio Star” contest, and played alongside the likes of Justice, Moby and Goldfrapp. Of course, momentum like this doesn’t happen over night.

Over the past four years, velvet-throated vocalist Daniel Lannon and hyper-prolific producer Kevin Durr have pushed the group from a Craigslist collaboration to a stage-shattering electro-pop act worthy of national acclaim. Pop-indie hybrids, the group’s electro-tinged cuts now toe the line between falsetto homage to Michael Jackson and the hyper-literate electro experimentation of DFA acts like LCD Soundsystem.

Sporting Life
This agreement will confirm the understanding between SPORTING LIFE (“Sporting Life”), a California band with a principal office located in San Francisco, CA, and ROCK MUSIC FANS (“RMF”), regarding the creation by Sporting Life and listening by RMF, as detailed herein, of kickass rock n’ roll tunes (the “Sporting Life Singles”), which such tunes are created by recording the amplification of sounds caused by: (i) the vibrations of an assortment of wooden stringed instruments, including, but not limited to, Guitar (“Keith Brasel,” “Andrew Gomez,” “Ryan McGee”) and Bass (“Mike Soss”); (ii) an electronic approximation of the act of striking steel cords with a felt-covered hammer, thus creating a vibration at the resonant frequency of said cords, such approximation being more commonly referred to as “keyboards” (“Keith Brasel,” “Andrew Gomez”); (iii) the rhythmic striking of a set of membranous percussion instruments with wooden sticks, such activity being colloquially described as “drumming” (“Terry Yerves”); and the use of controlled and sustained vocalizations at such pitches and rhythms as to serve a complementary function to the sounds created by the various professional musical implements described herein, such vocalizations as shall hereafter be known as “singing” or “vocals” (“Keith Brasel,” “Andrew Gomez”).

May 19: Interview with Waiting Room and AllofaSudden

19 05 2011

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Waiting Room

Waiting Room is a three-piece chick band, coming from the native hills of San Francisco, consisting of SF natives Lauren Alves, Veronica Bush and Rose Sullivan. An indie folk rock trio that draws from the blues, punk, and jazz; the girls met through local friends, Trainwreck Riders and The Dead Westerns. Lauren Alves has been playing paradiddles on her Dad’s drum set since she was five years old, and has been playing bass for some 15 plus years. She has also worked as a pit musician, and plays bass, guitar, and vocals in the band. Veronica Bush plays rhythmic banjo and vocals, and Rose Sullivan plays lo-fi drums. Both Alves and Bush write songs, making their music very collaborative and heartfelt. Some of their influences include Mazzy Star, Modest Mouse, Neil Young, Neutral Milk Hotel, Abner Jay, and Otis Redding.

All of a Sudden

AllofaSudden is rooted in the American rock tradition. With their 2008 debut, “Appear”, they built a reputation throughout California as a band with driving rhythms, fiery guitar playing, and layered harmonies; from sing-along choruses to dirty grooves to subtly twisting progressions in songs that offer equal amounts of introspection, humor, and insight. AOS’ sophomore album, Drink the Ocean (available 5/24/11), is a complex and cohesive album that incorporates larger sounds, darker themes and more instrumental exploration than their debut. Shusterman’s climbing, melodic solos are now complemented by new keyboardist Nathan Cole’s barrelhouse piano and airy synthesizer.  Stringfellow’s stately basslines provide a rock-solid foundation alongside Art McConnell’s drumbeats that swing as much as they pummel.