Dec 2nd: Wax Idols, Midnight Snaxxx and Dead Westerns

30 11 2010

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Wax Idols
WAX IDOLS is: Heather Fedewa, Ashley Thomas, Courtney Grey, Paul Keelan. THEY ARE: “smooth sailed rubbernecked opium dildo biters.”

Midnite Snaxxx
Midnite Snaxxx are three lovely ladies who know a thing or two about punk rocking.  Chances are that you’ve seen these girls do their thing in THE LA-TEENOS, LOUDMOUTHS and BOBBYTEENS, which is all fine and dandy, sure…but Midnite Snaxxx are something else.  These three girls teamed up to play no-frills, uber-catchy punk rock, equally inspired by the legit 70s hard-hitters as well as some of today’s catchiest power-pop combos.  In short, actual Budget (Punk) Rock in 2010…an increasingly rare commodity is one you simply gotta check out ASAP.  Raw Deluxe Records just released their first 7” in true Budget Rock fashion:  2 songs, 1 side, all hits, no bullshit.

Dead Westerns
“You don’t need a bottle of Jack or even a trace of Southern lineage to appreciate the genius of The Dead Westerns’ Southern Rock charm and Surf Rock style. Without a hint of irony, the San Francisco quartet creates a fast-driving, hard-living tribute to the indelible music and legacy of Pavement, Dick Dale and Willie Nelson. With their debut self titled album, the band kick up a righteous storm, as on the alt-country lick-filled opener Stalling, or the swamp and fuzzy From the Moon Down to the Earth. It’s clear these guys deliver emotional wallops at every turn. Stylistically, they run the gamut from old-timey sounding country to a heavy surf jam influence. In the end it’s all rock & roll and one of the more unique recording artists and live bands coming out of the Bay Area today.” -Shawn Robbins – host of Snob Theater (




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