Dec 2nd: Wax Idols, Midnight Snaxxx and Dead Westerns

30 11 2010

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Wax Idols
WAX IDOLS is: Heather Fedewa, Ashley Thomas, Courtney Grey, Paul Keelan. THEY ARE: “smooth sailed rubbernecked opium dildo biters.”

Midnite Snaxxx
Midnite Snaxxx are three lovely ladies who know a thing or two about punk rocking.  Chances are that you’ve seen these girls do their thing in THE LA-TEENOS, LOUDMOUTHS and BOBBYTEENS, which is all fine and dandy, sure…but Midnite Snaxxx are something else.  These three girls teamed up to play no-frills, uber-catchy punk rock, equally inspired by the legit 70s hard-hitters as well as some of today’s catchiest power-pop combos.  In short, actual Budget (Punk) Rock in 2010…an increasingly rare commodity is one you simply gotta check out ASAP.  Raw Deluxe Records just released their first 7” in true Budget Rock fashion:  2 songs, 1 side, all hits, no bullshit.

Dead Westerns
“You don’t need a bottle of Jack or even a trace of Southern lineage to appreciate the genius of The Dead Westerns’ Southern Rock charm and Surf Rock style. Without a hint of irony, the San Francisco quartet creates a fast-driving, hard-living tribute to the indelible music and legacy of Pavement, Dick Dale and Willie Nelson. With their debut self titled album, the band kick up a righteous storm, as on the alt-country lick-filled opener Stalling, or the swamp and fuzzy From the Moon Down to the Earth. It’s clear these guys deliver emotional wallops at every turn. Stylistically, they run the gamut from old-timey sounding country to a heavy surf jam influence. In the end it’s all rock & roll and one of the more unique recording artists and live bands coming out of the Bay Area today.” -Shawn Robbins – host of Snob Theater (

Nov 18th: Rykarda Parasol, The New Up and Kalri$$ian

17 11 2010

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Rykarda Parasol
San Francisco based Rykarda Parasol (\reh-kaer-dah\) describes her dark and mysterious music as “Rock Noir”. It calls up cinematic imagery akin to David Lynch or Alfred Hitchcock giving way to an icy blonde plot and Parasol’s husky low sing/talk embodies the essence of the sharp fearless femme fatale. Often compared to the likes of Nick Cave, Black Heart Procession and The Velvet Underground, Parasol personifies both swamp and sophistication reminding of us the Doors, Serge Gainsbourg, and Nico. A uniquely gender-bending voice incased in roughness, blues, and delivery, her focus is delivering Faulkner-like tales with conviction and suspense. Parasol draws on American rock, soul and southern influences among others styles.

The New Up
San Francisco rock/pop five-piece The New Up has a sound that’s described as “Metric with a touch of the Rolling Stones, with a front woman with an addictive, classy, lingering voice” (Behind the Hype) and “striking, exotic and brashly coherent indie pop that feel[s] like the sonic equivalent of a thrill ride” (Flagpole). Front and center is ES Pitcher’s intoxicatingly liquid voice, which earned her a designation as “the bastard love child of Siouxsie Sioux and Karen O” (Sacramento News & Review). Featuring Noah Reid on guitar, Hawk West on flute and automation, Dain Dizazzo on bass and Drew Bertrand on drums, the band delivers captivating live performances that combine uniquely catchy songs with polished chops and inspired musicianship.

Smooth Rick Chosen is a mildly schizophrenic male prostitute with an in-pants sidekick named Perseus. Chachi Harlem is his Fandango-puppet-obsessed partner in crime. Tyrone Shoelaces is a hard-drinking former schoolboy pimp with severe women issues. Felix Livinglow is their smooth-talking, scatalogically obsessed British friend. Together, and joined by legendarily mustachioed production team Keylo Venezuela and “Uncle” Tony Highrise, these engagingly foul-mouthed misfits are KALRI$$IAN.

Nov 4th: Interview with Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates, RubberSideDown and Geographer

4 11 2010

Tune to Radio Valencia at 8pm

Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates
The core group of Matthew on vocals and guitar, Adaiha McAdam-Somer (cello and vocals) and Isaac Bonnell (piano and accordion) played a number of shows in the Summer of 2010. The line up now expands to include Barry Burst (ex-Citadelle) on bass and flute, and Kristina Vukic (The Minks) on drums.
In October 2009 Big Takeover Magazine described Matthew Edwards as ‘possibly the best songwriter working right now’

RubberSideDown has shared the stage with Joe Perry Project, Eddie Money, Montrose, George Lynch, Gilby Clarke, Y&T,
NightRanger, LA Guns, Eric Martin, The Romantics, Frank Hannon (of Tesla), Bang Tango, Bo Bice, Nikki McKibbin,
and has played the side stage for tours including Sammy Hagar & David Lee Roth, Chickenfoot and Roxy Music.

After the unexpected deaths of his sister and father, Geographer founder Michael Deni left his hometown in New Jersey for San Francisco. He spent the next several months with his guitar and a synthesizer he found on the street, turning the tragedy that drove him from home into songs rich with emotion and lush melodies. After a packed album release party at San Francisco’s landmark Cafe du Nord that included members of Bright Eyes, and the privilege of being voted one of three “Undiscovered Bands You Need To Hear Now” by SPIN magazine, Geographer is poised on the brink of becoming one of the most exciting newcomers in Indie music.