Tonight! Interviews with Mount Vicious, The Poor Luckys and Blue Sky Black Death

27 08 2009

Listen now or Download the show
Mount Vicious
Hailing from San Francisco and Oakland, with gigantic riffs, cutting bass, powerful drumming, intense vocals, and an unrelenting and urgent stage show — Mount Vicious has what you need. Informed by classic rock as much as post-punk and noise rock, the bombastic intensity and power in Mount Vicious is palpable. Sit too close to your speakers and you might end up bruised or pregnant. Mount Vicious don’t just play rock, they ARE rock.

Poor Luckys
The Poor Luckies are an up and coming band from the streets of San Francisco. They officially formed in 2008 when Danarchy (guitars/vocals) and Noah Balboa  (bass) met in the Tenderloin, also known as the gutter of San Francisco, and immediately began creating music. Resisting the temptation to simply play covers, they opted to only make original music. After striking common ground in their love for gritty punk rock, their lineup was completed when Bob Gnarley (drums) joined the outfit, rounding out the rhythm section.

Blue Sky Black Death
Blue Sky Black Death is a production duo based in San Francisco, California and Seattle. The duo consists of Kingston and Young God. They are known principally for their hip hop and instrumental music, made with a mix of live instrumentation and sampling. Their name is a skydiving phrase alluding to beauty and death.




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