Tonight! Live performance by Petracovich; Interview with La Plebe and Overview

6 08 2009

Listen or download the show.


Live performance
Petracovich is music of open spaces and a floating heart. Jessica Peters writes songs, plays the keys and banjo and sings, with Max Diez plays on drums and Heather Houseman plays the cello. The music has evolved from dreamy trip-hop folktronica to the current sound with big live drums, momentous piano and melodies that weave and drive. Fluid pop influenced by americana and folk and rock.


La Plebe
…Somos la plebe; pero no la plebe de los faraones, mústia y doliente; ni la plebe de los césares, abyecta y servil; ni la plebe que bate palmas al paso de Porfirio Díaz. Somos la plebe rebelde al yugo; somos la plebe de Espártaco, la plebe con que Münzer proclama la igualdad, la plebe que con Camilo Desmoulíns aplasta la Bastilla, la plebe que con Hidalgo incendía Granaditas, somos la plebe que con Juárez sostiene la reforma. Somos la plebe que despierta en medio de la francachela de los hartos y arroja a los cuatro vientos como un trueno esta frase inolvidable: “¡Todos tenemos derecho a ser libres y felices!” –Texto extraido del libro “La Revolución Mexicana”, página 12, Ricardo Flores Magón. Julio de 1907.


SF veterans Overview have toured the entire country relentlessly for the past 2 years, but it all ends this Saturday as they play their final show under that moniker at Bottom of the Hill. For anyone who was ever a fan, this is your last chance to catch some of your favorite old tunes. If you are new to the band, come find out how these SF locals developed a rabid fan base across the whole US from Manhatten to Kansas City to LA!



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