Tonight! Interviews with Mount Vicious, The Poor Luckys and Blue Sky Black Death

27 08 2009

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Mount Vicious
Hailing from San Francisco and Oakland, with gigantic riffs, cutting bass, powerful drumming, intense vocals, and an unrelenting and urgent stage show — Mount Vicious has what you need. Informed by classic rock as much as post-punk and noise rock, the bombastic intensity and power in Mount Vicious is palpable. Sit too close to your speakers and you might end up bruised or pregnant. Mount Vicious don’t just play rock, they ARE rock.

Poor Luckys
The Poor Luckies are an up and coming band from the streets of San Francisco. They officially formed in 2008 when Danarchy (guitars/vocals) and Noah Balboa  (bass) met in the Tenderloin, also known as the gutter of San Francisco, and immediately began creating music. Resisting the temptation to simply play covers, they opted to only make original music. After striking common ground in their love for gritty punk rock, their lineup was completed when Bob Gnarley (drums) joined the outfit, rounding out the rhythm section.

Blue Sky Black Death
Blue Sky Black Death is a production duo based in San Francisco, California and Seattle. The duo consists of Kingston and Young God. They are known principally for their hip hop and instrumental music, made with a mix of live instrumentation and sampling. Their name is a skydiving phrase alluding to beauty and death.

Tonight! Live Performance by Diego’s Umbrella; Interviews with Company Car and Hank IV

20 08 2009

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Diego’s Umbrella
Live performance
Often dressed in elaborate home-made outfits, these urban gringo mariachis have performed well over 800 live shows.  Included in that list are 2 European tours across the continent and numerous tours of the American West.  The band has held a weekly residency at the Park Chalet in San Francisco since July 2005 and continues to play every Tuesday night at the famous bar and restaurant.  DU has also become a frequent and popular act at private events such as weddings and corporate parties for large-scale clients including Macy’s, Quiksilver, Google, Microsoft and The Hilton Hotel.


Company Car
In 2003 Company Car made it’s debut in the San Francisco Rock scene. Since then, they have gained recognition throughout the bay area for their unconventional song structures, lush harmonies, catchy melodies and entertaining live shows. This reputation has allowed them to play some of the best stages in the bay area including, Bottom of the Hill, Cafe Du Nord, 12 Galaxies and the infamous Slim’s as well as play with popular acts such as The Smoking Popes, No Use For A Name, Chuck Ragan, Koufax, The Actual and The Heavenly States.


Hank IV
HANK IV is a San Francisco rock band with no relation whatsoever to the Hank Williams clan. Hank IV plays hard-charging, primitive and visceral dual-guitar/tandem vocals rock punk that has been likened to “Crime meets Viletones meets Styrenes punk” (Z-Gun Magazine) and by WFMU’s DJ Terre T as “a sick combination of Volcano Suns and Blue Cheer and Chain Gang!”

Tonight: Live Performance by Weather Pending; Interview with Middle Maki

13 08 2009

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Weather Pending
On their first album, And How!, the San Francisco trio known as Weather Pending creates deep, sultry, continuously unfolding music with a sound that’s vaguely familiar and surprisingly unique. The band’s electronic grooves and the smoky vocals of singer Janie Oliver draw you in. Bass player and producer Rob Cross accompanies Oliver’s luminous vocals with the dark, melancholy rhythms of hip hop and dub reggae, profound tones that swirl and dance with the elemental force of a restless ocean while guitarist Brian Bloi’s chords color with shimmering overtones that emote with aching melodies. The album’s ten sultry songs have a cinematic, one drop, hip hop flavor driven by the subliminal swing enhanced by guest drummers Max MacVeety (Crown City Rockers, Zion I) and Derek G. Taylor (Nino Moschella, Alice Russell, Hyim, Darondo).


Middle Maki
Simple, clean and melodic, Middle Maki writes songs in the American narrative. Founder Elizabeth has spent the short years since beginning to play the guitar and banjo compulsively learning about American music. She is joined by her twin brother, Spencer, on guitar and Jack on bass. On a mission to modernize its mythology and more particularly the banjo, Middle Maki makes songs with stories to live in and music to move to.

Tonight! Live performance by Petracovich; Interview with La Plebe and Overview

6 08 2009

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Live performance
Petracovich is music of open spaces and a floating heart. Jessica Peters writes songs, plays the keys and banjo and sings, with Max Diez plays on drums and Heather Houseman plays the cello. The music has evolved from dreamy trip-hop folktronica to the current sound with big live drums, momentous piano and melodies that weave and drive. Fluid pop influenced by americana and folk and rock.


La Plebe
…Somos la plebe; pero no la plebe de los faraones, mústia y doliente; ni la plebe de los césares, abyecta y servil; ni la plebe que bate palmas al paso de Porfirio Díaz. Somos la plebe rebelde al yugo; somos la plebe de Espártaco, la plebe con que Münzer proclama la igualdad, la plebe que con Camilo Desmoulíns aplasta la Bastilla, la plebe que con Hidalgo incendía Granaditas, somos la plebe que con Juárez sostiene la reforma. Somos la plebe que despierta en medio de la francachela de los hartos y arroja a los cuatro vientos como un trueno esta frase inolvidable: “¡Todos tenemos derecho a ser libres y felices!” –Texto extraido del libro “La Revolución Mexicana”, página 12, Ricardo Flores Magón. Julio de 1907.


SF veterans Overview have toured the entire country relentlessly for the past 2 years, but it all ends this Saturday as they play their final show under that moniker at Bottom of the Hill. For anyone who was ever a fan, this is your last chance to catch some of your favorite old tunes. If you are new to the band, come find out how these SF locals developed a rabid fan base across the whole US from Manhatten to Kansas City to LA!