TONIGHT: Interviews with Weekend and HoneyBody MoonBee

30 07 2009

Or download the show!

Weekend began in a San Francisco suburb 12 years ago when Kevin Johnson and Shaun Durkan met at the far side of a 6th grade band classroom. The two couldn’t read music so they taught each other punk bass lines instead. Taylor Valentino was also a drummer in the same class who preferred Kurt Cobain to para diddles.


HoneyBody MoonBee
An upcoming San Francisco act, Honeybody Moonbee, has the ability to  silence rooms with her electrifying tales of life in the big city. The project is a brainchild of Upstate New York transplant and multimedia  artist Emily Ritz, who moved to San Francisco a few short years ago to pursue a degree at California College of the Arts. Her distinctive voice and ukulele playing have garnered comparisons to Joanna Newsom,  and recent performances have had captivated audiences with accompaniment from  women’s choruses, percussion, vibraphone, and cello. She will be performing at 7:00 pm sharp this Friday, July 31st, at the CD Release celebration of fellow San Francisco folk luminary Sonya Cotton.




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