Tonight: Live Performance by That Blasted Hound; Interview with Photobooth

16 07 2009

Download the show!


That Blasted Hound
Live Performance
That Blasted Hound is a show in the theater or a group of friends or a short story. The curtain rose with music coming through as a recording project, weaving through time as psychedelic rock band, beating strings as a solo acoustic act, then gathered friends along the way finally to emerge holding hands triumphantly towards the sky. Davyd Nereo has put together a band currently starring voices of Harmony Club, cello, percussion, slide guitar, and himself cradling a uke. As fortune smiles with this ensemble, extra pages of their tale are being written every day.

Photobooth came together in late 2007 playing pop music for numb skulls. Comprised of Carlos Bermudez, Jason Patrone, Matthew Melton & Robbie Simon, the unambitious quartet played around town some, recorded a few tunes and put out a single on Daggerman Records with a follow up single on Raw Deluxe Records set to fall out of the clouds soon enough, a mere nine months and counting behind schedule. Having seen the departure of Mr. Melton, the band picked up Tim “Cooze Hound” Hellman and has plans to one day play behind the confines of the bay area. Plans for this big venture are not yet underway.




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