TONIGHT: Interviews with Weekend and HoneyBody MoonBee

30 07 2009

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Weekend began in a San Francisco suburb 12 years ago when Kevin Johnson and Shaun Durkan met at the far side of a 6th grade band classroom. The two couldn’t read music so they taught each other punk bass lines instead. Taylor Valentino was also a drummer in the same class who preferred Kurt Cobain to para diddles.


HoneyBody MoonBee
An upcoming San Francisco act, Honeybody Moonbee, has the ability to  silence rooms with her electrifying tales of life in the big city. The project is a brainchild of Upstate New York transplant and multimedia  artist Emily Ritz, who moved to San Francisco a few short years ago to pursue a degree at California College of the Arts. Her distinctive voice and ukulele playing have garnered comparisons to Joanna Newsom,  and recent performances have had captivated audiences with accompaniment from  women’s choruses, percussion, vibraphone, and cello. She will be performing at 7:00 pm sharp this Friday, July 31st, at the CD Release celebration of fellow San Francisco folk luminary Sonya Cotton.

What’s Your Answer?! on August 5th

30 07 2009


What’s Your Answer returns! We’re doing a show August 5th at Chez Poulet in the Mission District.

Here is how the game works. We the judges ask you a sorta-real current affairs trivia question. Your team has a minute or so to come up with the funniest answer to the question. At the end of time, one member of your team comes on stage to do the delivery. Part pub trivia, part comedy writing, part standup.

Our celebrity judges this week is Mike Spiegelman of Spiegelmania and Sean Kelly!

August 5th
3359 Caeser Chavez

Only bring your funny friends, and come help us put the smart in smartass.

TONIGHT: Live performance by Middle Maki; Interviews with The Hi-Nobles and Bohemian Circus

23 07 2009

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Middle Maki
Live Performance
Simple, clean and melodic, Middle Maki writes songs in the American narrative. Founder Elizabeth has spent the short years since beginning to play the guitar and banjo compulsively learning about American music. She is joined by her twin brother, Spencer, on guitar and Jack on bass. On a mission to modernize its mythology and more particularly the banjo, Middle Maki makes songs with stories to live in and music to move to.


For a band that updates and reinvigorates a classic mod/garage rock sound, it’s no surprise that The Hi-Nobles—a group with decades of collective music experience and more than a few personal stories involving Pearl Jam, the Sex Pistols and the Bay Area metal scene—can put a 21st century spin on the standard “how we formed” story.
For this band, it all began with a snarky Craigslist ad—the one quoted above. “I saw that ad, and I’m like ‘I’ve gotta call them up!’” says Scott Holderby, a Bay Area music vet probably best remembered for his time in the genre-bending metal group Mordred. “And it was perfect timing; I was looking for a band to try out for me. So I thought I’d go to their audition and give them a chance.” He laughs. “Because, you know, I’m a prick, not an asshole.”


Bohemian Carnival
Catch the bay area’s most titillating Avant-Cabaret community this Friday night at the DNA Lounge. Bohemian Circus — featuring Vau De Vire Society and GOOFERMAN — will perform with special guests Triclops!, Diamond Daggers, and guest host Jello Biafra! Composed of classically-trained dancers, some of the nation’s most acclaimed acrobats, aerial artists, contortionists, circus side-show acts, fire performers, thespians, and go-go’s, this is one show that is not to be missed!

Tonight: Live Performance by That Blasted Hound; Interview with Photobooth

16 07 2009

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That Blasted Hound
Live Performance
That Blasted Hound is a show in the theater or a group of friends or a short story. The curtain rose with music coming through as a recording project, weaving through time as psychedelic rock band, beating strings as a solo acoustic act, then gathered friends along the way finally to emerge holding hands triumphantly towards the sky. Davyd Nereo has put together a band currently starring voices of Harmony Club, cello, percussion, slide guitar, and himself cradling a uke. As fortune smiles with this ensemble, extra pages of their tale are being written every day.

Photobooth came together in late 2007 playing pop music for numb skulls. Comprised of Carlos Bermudez, Jason Patrone, Matthew Melton & Robbie Simon, the unambitious quartet played around town some, recorded a few tunes and put out a single on Daggerman Records with a follow up single on Raw Deluxe Records set to fall out of the clouds soon enough, a mere nine months and counting behind schedule. Having seen the departure of Mr. Melton, the band picked up Tim “Cooze Hound” Hellman and has plans to one day play behind the confines of the bay area. Plans for this big venture are not yet underway.

Interview with Dashing Suns

10 07 2009

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The Dashing Suns
The Dashing Suns are a four piece from Oakland who write about waiting in line, really liking someone, and holding hands. The band takes inspiration from everyday life, translating these tiny but important moments into quirky two minute pop songs. Included in their blend of Richman inspired romantiscism is their wry tongue-in-cheek acceptance that any love song should be followed by a break up, one that’s most likely their fault. The Dashing Suns aren’t naive; they just wish they were.

Rev. Horton Heat Interview on Pirate Cat Radio

7 07 2009

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Rev. Horton Heat

Rev. Horton Heat and me

The Rev graciously came down to the Pirate Cat Radio Cafe and sat with Mike Routhier of Neat Neat Noise before his performance at the Great American Music Hall.

TONIGHT! Live Performance by As a People; Interview with Angela Chase

2 07 2009


As a People
“Local trio As a People make indie rock that’s as charmingly shambolic as it is blisteringly rockin’. It’s impressive that they can manage to sound so schizophrenic on a three-song EP without altering their sonic palette much from song to song. Luckily, lead vocalist Adam Yas’s theatrical yelp keeps the proceedings from becoming too disjointed. The standout song, “Viktor,” plays with the same loud-quiet dynamics as the rest of the EP by getting groovy when you expect it to simply thrash.” (Aaron Sankin, SF Guardian)


Angela Chase
photo credit: joie rey
Angela Chase is not a bunch of scrawny twenty-year olds from Brooklyn; Angela Chase is an all-girl three piece from San Francisco playing songs influenced by the Breeders, Fugazi, Hum and the Pixies. Another way to describe Angela Chase is to say that three girls in their twenties decided to name their band after a fifteen-year-old girl from the nineties and play music for the parts of their hearts that are still fifteen.