TONIGHT: Live Performance by Oona; Interview with Weather Pending

25 06 2009

Download the show

Oona Garthwaite has been singing for as long as she can remember, and began playing piano when her parents brought one home from the school rummage sale. After foraying into rap, punk and jazz, she eventually returned to her native Oakland and began to co-write her first full-length effort, Shhhhout!, with Dave Tweedie.

Weather Pending
On their first album, And How!, the San Francisco trio known as Weather Pending creates deep, sultry, continuously unfolding music with a sound that’s vaguely familiar and surprisingly unique. The band’s electronic grooves and the smoky vocals of singer Janie Oliver draw you in. Bass player and producer Rob Cross accompanies Oliver’s luminous vocals with the dark, melancholy rhythms of hip hop and dub reggae, profound tones that swirl and dance with the elemental force of a restless ocean while guitarist Brian Bloi’s chords color with shimmering overtones that emote with aching melodies. The album’s ten sultry songs have a cinematic, one drop, hip hop flavor driven by the subliminal swing enhanced by guest drummers Max MacVeety (Crown City Rockers, Zion I) and Derek G. Taylor (Nino Moschella, Alice Russell, Hyim, Darondo).




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