TONIGHT: Live Perfomance by Stitchcraft; Interview with As a People

4 06 2009

Listen to the recording!


StitchCraft is a story of the way that community creates music and music creates community. Like a communally created quilt, or the feast in the folk tale of Stone Soup; the players of StitchCraft took their name to honor the participation of the muse, the audience, and play with the questions of life, death, adventure and self realization in our human experiences. These musicians have a powerful presence and their visible connection on stage makes their music shine and their audiences attentive.


As a People
“Local trio As a People make indie rock that’s as charmingly shambolic as it is blisteringly rockin’. It’s impressive that they can manage to sound so schizophrenic on a three-song EP without altering their sonic palette much from song to song. Luckily, lead vocalist Adam Yas’s theatrical yelp keeps the proceedings from becoming too disjointed. The standout song, “Viktor,” plays with the same loud-quiet dynamics as the rest of the EP by getting groovy when you expect it to simply thrash.” (Aaron Sankin, SF Guardian)




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