Tonight! Live Performance by Annie Bacon; Interview with The Dry Spells; ABC and SF All Ages Club Crackdown

21 05 2009



Annie Bacon
For me music is a way of resisting the tide that urges towards blind consumption not just of things but of ideas and lifestyles meant to imprison us in complacency. in creativity/creation we find the antidote to war, to genocide, to injustice, intolerance. we find ways to empathize with our enemies, and to gently criticize our lovers. for me it is how I explain to myself all that is unexplainable. it is my direct line to the divine.

Discussion of Alcholic Beverage Control and all-ages clubs in SF
Jamie Zawinski of DNA Lounge
Dawn Holiday of Great American Music Hall and Slim’s
Terrance Alan of the SF Entertainment Commission


The Dry Spells
The Dry Spells, a San Francisco-based female-led ensemble, create a unique sound drawing from traditional folk ballads of lost loves, unimaginable sorrows, and nostalgia for a forgotten past, charged with an array of electric and acoustic instrumentation and intricate vocal harmonies. On their debut album, Too Soon for Flowers, the Dry Spells prove they are as gifted at songwriting as they are at interpretation, presenting a song cycle that invites listeners to join them as they traverse an arboreal path less taken, to an uncertain yet revered destination. Along the way, there will be epic songs of deep-sea weddings, sirens, and gold rush tragedies, each illuminating a bit more of the path ahead and offering another piece to the puzzle.




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