Tonight: Live performance by il gato; Interview with Audio Send Out and Raised by Robots

14 05 2009



il gato
The current incarnation of il gato may best be described as indie-baroque-folk. Utilizing the repetition of the loop pedal and a broad pallette of instrumentation (acoustic guitar, trumpet, violin, harmonica, melodica, banjo, drums) in the hopes of creating a sense of awe, or, moreso, to create beauty and then to destroy it only to see it live once again.


Audio Out Send
“The sonic equivalent of a slow motion shot of landscape through a car window. Delicate keyboards, fuzzed out guitars and drowsy vocals create a floating space rock sound that stretches time, and dissipates it into tiny particles…” – SF Bay Guardian


Raised by Robots
Raised By Robots is an indie rock band from San Francisco/Oakland that suckles lovingly on the teat of multitudinous influences – among them early 90s indie, soul, post punk, country, and hip hop – and ameliorates that disparate mash into a sonic reformation that Zeus would be proud of. This band also believes strongly in an energetic & charismatic live show, which it has brought to fans all over the bay



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